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Green Leaf: Investing In The Future Starts With A Plan For The Present

Jul 22, 2019 09:53PM
If you have been in the cannabusiness for years, or want to expand your new cannabusiness startup, financing your operation is always at the top of your agenda.

There is still a stigma surrounding the cannabis industry with several trapdoors on how money is made and spent according to federal regulations making many financial institutions wary of getting involved. Alternatively, if the financial service company does decide to take on a cannabis customer, that service company then justifies the risk by charging enormous fees for its services.

However, there is one financial services company that will treat every cannabusiness as a new, exciting enterprise that every entrepreneur recognizes is one of the fastest growing cash-crop industries in the world today. That company is Green Leaf Money.

Green Leaf Money offers cannabusiness developers working capital loans and credit lines for cannabusiness of various sizes, all based on personal guarantees. Their services help many cannabusiness companies secure funding and preserve equity.

A line of credit enables any cannabis operator the financial freedom to explore business development opportunities, such as launching a marketing campaign, buying or leasing equipment, putting a down payment on a property, or helping the owners pay down some of those startup expenses to preserve a steady cash flow.

Here’s how it works: A cannabusiness manager or owner simply visits with one of the Green Leaf Money representatives to set up a business and/or personal line of credit based on their credit score. Credit score must be 700 or higher, and the owner must have lower debt utilization and or demonstratable ownership in a business entity. No collateral is required.

All qualified applicants could potentially get a line of credit for no money down, and zero percent interest for 9 to 18 months.

Green Leaf Money also offers cash option with personal unsecured loans, based on tax returns and credit score. Loan rates are outstanding, ranging from 6.9 percent and 13.9 percent with easy-to-repay terms of up to 5 to 7 years.

Personal loan-seekers need to have a credit score of 680 or better, with lower debt utilization and/or ownership in a business entity. There is no pre-payment penalty, and no collateral required.

Short on time? Then go to Green Leaf Money’s website and apply using a simple four-step process.

Get your cannabusiness on the fast track today with Green Leaf Money. Come by the office, call or go online now to get a consultation and see how Green Leaf Money can help you take care of your business and personal financial needs. Start living your financial dreams with confidence.

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