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Mountainwise Farms: A Balanced Connection with the Plant

Jul 22, 2019 10:30PM
With decades of growing experience, Sara Bullock and her team at Mountainwise Farms consider themselves stewards of the land. By cultivating a balanced connection with the plant, Mountainwise creates a premium product every season.

As a community-based business, Mountainwise has deep roots in the culture of Humboldt County. They recognize that cannabis farmers are the backbone of our community. “We live here, we love here, we grow here,” is the Mountainwise motto. Bullock believes that Humboldt County “saved her,” and has turned her into the person that she is today. “My goal is always to give back to the community, this place is everything to me,” explains Bullock

Mountainwise began as a homestead ranch that provided meat and eggs to local grocers in Humboldt County, along with cannabis medicine. As the industry matured, Mountainwise made it their primary goal to grow extraordinary cannabis. Today, Mountainwise Farms is about so much more than just gardening; it’s designed to harness the power of therapeutic horticulture. Bullock believes that most modern ailments can be healed by eating healthy, organic food and using clean, natural medicine. Even in California’s new legal recreational market, Mountainwise still considers their flowers as medicine.

Mountainwise Farms is inspired by the endless possibilities that the cannabis plant has to offer the world. Bullock and her team at Mountainwise live for their love of the land and their spirit of shines through every flower harvested and grown. Every day, Bullock’s team works to “respect the planet, respect the plant, and respect the people who use it” at Mountainwise Farms.

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