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PotGuide: Who, What, Where, How Much and What Kind?

Jul 22, 2019 10:33PM
While cannabis might not be new to everyone, the legal recreational cannabis market is new to all of us. As a result, many consumers are now navigating the maze of legalized cannabis with minimal resources and knowledge.

PotGuide a consumer resource for the cannabis industry was created in 2013 to help solve this dilemma. “I realized at the time that there was really no good information for these visitors about what to expect when sales began in Colorado, like what the laws are, where they can go to get it, and what they can do when they are out here,” Jeremy Bamford, founder of PotGuide, says. “I wanted to provide a useful resource, give them an insider perspective on the cannabis culture here, and break down the legal regulations in easy-to-digest chunks.”

The company had a huge growth year in 2014, prompting Bamford to quit his job to concentrate on building the business full time. The timing was perfect as PotGuide was accepted into the inaugural class of CanopyBoulder, a cannabis accelerator program, alongside companies such as BDS Analytics and Stashlogix. During this time, PotGuide expanded its reach into Oregon, Washington, and Nevada.

The site has continued to evolve over time, and today offers directories and content that appeal to both tourists and locals alike. “While our roots are in canna tourism, we have a strong local presence as well.” says Bamford. PotGuide is currently working in 20 states and in Canada, run by a staff of seven full-time people from its Denver base. Plans include expanding to Jamaica and Europe.

Bamford says that the site has grown organically over the last five years to about two million visitors a month. “The demographics are all over the place,” he says. “Over a third of our visitors are over the age of 40. That is a huge growth segment. We are also seeing a large increase in users over the age of 55.”

What PotGuide does is about exploring and educating, he says. It lists all retail shops in every state, whether PotGuide works with them or not. Their competitors don’t do that they don’t show all the options, for example and that is why PotGuide expects to become the go-to consumer centric website. “What we are really trying to do is educate and connect consumers with the most relevant service providers, businesses, and products for their needs.”

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