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INNOCOS presents Inn. Cannabis

Jul 16, 2019 03:21PM
A few years ago, an interest in cannabis within the Global Cosmetics Community
network might have been a possibility. Today, it is inevitable. Throughout the
industry, Los Angeles stands out not only in the United States, but worldwide with
its diverse landscape of cannabis cultures. From the city streets, to the beaches,
suburbs and Hollywood Hills, everyone is interested in the cannabis space. Imagine a
grand, geometrically sound space, amongst a canopy of protected California
oak trees, nestled in Topanga Canyon, just outside of L.A. As the sun shines
through the trees on the rolling hills near Malibu, an experience of Cosmetic
Cannabis magic awaits.


Innocos Summit is the leading global event engaging decision-makers within the
cosmetics, personal care and fragrance industries, on the new trends and
innovations in beauty. This will be the first time Innocos will be synergizing CBD and hemp  with this already thriving beauty industry. Founder, Irina Kremin, born in the
Ukraine, now living in New Belgium, wanted to create a cosmetic retreat that was
different from the rest. She envisioned a summit she would personally want to
attend, rather than just another convention. She wanted a vacation while
working, which is why these events happen in extravagant places such as Paris,
Croatia, Florence and South Korea. Normally, Innocos has a handful of events per year,
always focusing on trends and ingredients. This year, the new “Hero” ingredient
is none other than the hot topic of the era, cannabis.

An impressive lineup of presenters from Saint Jane Beauty, Estee Lauder Brands
Beboe, Cannuka, Prima, and Eben Britton of Tyson Ranch will share their professional knowledge with all attendees. This particular event is revolutionary as it will be the first Cannabis Cosmetics Summit. The hosting property has everything from a meadow to an amphitheater. In the serenity of the meadow guests will enjoy brunch, a workshop, and dinner. In the amphitheater, the panel Barbara Kramer of The Plant Lore will have a beauty salon
area. Throughout the day, guests will have a chance to partake in a number of interactions with informed industry leaders to dispel misinformation across industries, while further emphasizing and learning about the cosmetic and medicinal benefits of cannabis.

The future of Cannabis marketing is intense, with many large companies and
fresh start-ups competing on the same battle field. Dr. Andrew Kerklaan, of Dr.Kerklaan Therapeutics, will be speaking on an ingredients and regulations panel. His extensive knowledge has been featured in Vogue, Allure, Forbes, Rolling Stone and Goop.

The time has come where a product that was once a subject of negativity and
misunderstanding has come to light as a universal and potent ingredient in many
forms within many industries. From cancer patients and children with epilepsy, to
the everyday person who wants clearer skin, pain relief, or a good night’s sleep,
cannabis is seen in a whole new light, and we can hope that events like Innocos,
will continue to keep the knowledge thriving so that we can all benefit now and

-Matt Yount