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Making Headway in Advertising and Promoting Cannabis

Jul 16, 2019 02:18PM
Susan Rust, CEO and founder of 4Blooms.Guru, a San Diego-based cannabis marketing agency for retail, products and services, is working with some interesting clients right now.

One is VitalGrown, a company that plans to teach farming best practices and certify farms that follow the VitalGrown process. “They have a farm that showcases and teaches best organic grow practices with their products from Vital Garden Supply,” Rust says. “Most farming, unless people are re-trained, tends to be with destructive modern practices, synthetic products, contaminated run-off, inefficient water and electricity use, and other detrimental farming habits. VitalGrown will use their high-quality organic product line and farm to grow bigger, higher-yield cannabis crops, which can demand premium prices while being eco-friendly.”

Regenerative farming is the future for hemp and cannabis and hopefully for all crops someday. “We really love that their business makes a difference,” Rust says. “Our mission is to end human suffering and the use of synthetic fertilizers harms people and the environment. The client just completed the Apex Brand Strategy Workshop, and we are building their branding architecture and strategy now.”

Marketing cannabis-related products and services can be a tough slog. 4Blooms has battled to find advertising and promotion channels for its clients. “We do content marketing/SEO and display marketing with geo-targeting and, of course, Instagram,” she says.

For one cannabis retail client, 4Blooms has display advertising within the store’s footprint so consumers can receive a product coupon on their phone when they are in the building. “You can target very specific areas, as tight as a building and as wide as the country. It’s basically non-Facebook Facebook advertising, but using different networks. We can target demographics like illnesses, specific sports fans, zip codes, and more.”

For dispensaries and cannabis services, 4Blooms. Guru is a Yelp certified partner, which is an excellent platform to generate leads for canna businesses. Their clients have access to enhanced profiles with platform functions such as a photo slide show instead of static gallery, call-to-action button, removal of competitor ads, video hosting, photo arrangement, and the ability to respond to reviews. “Yelp has its own organic search system, and properly writing and optimizing a listing can add a lot of leads per month. It’s an excellent, cost effective and canna friendly strategy,” Rust says. “Dispensaries and those providing ancillary canna services can find it very effective, and it provides strong return on investment.”

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