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Finding A More Direct Route to Customer Satisfaction

Jul 10, 2019 01:53AM
RMZ was started in 2016 by co-founder and CEO Don Novak, who has also owned and operated a dispensary in Denver since 2010. “A lot of the patients were children dealing with epileptic seizures moving to Colorado from all over the country,” said Danielle Massey, RMZ brand engagement manager, says. “He had patients that really needed products that weren’t full of sugars and fats and all of the bad things that don’t help you heal,”

That customer need inspired Novak to build a business making precision-dosed products and managing brands, instead of just selling any random item that could be loaded on a dispensary shelf. He brings true customer centric satisfaction to a loyal medical and recreational cannabis consumer base. “RMZ is a production facility and a place for distribution, sales and production of different brands,” Massey says.

The company offers two types of products under its own ioVia brand (which means “by way of Life”): transdermal infused creams, with completely absorbable formulations where the cannabinoids enter into the bloodstream through both layers of skin, and completely flavorless, precision-dose tinctures.

Both medical and recreational products are available with specific THC/CBD ratios high CBD, CBD/THC blends, and high THC. “The THC/CBD blend has enough THC in it to not be intoxicating, but just enough to help the CBD work to its maximum efficiency,” Massey says. “The precision-dose tincture products were really born out of necessity for pure and potent products that customers demanded. ioVia is all about getting people back to living their best lives.”

RMZ doesn’t do any extraction in its facility, but works with selected growers to get flower to extraction partners, and then use the extracted oil to create its products.

RMZ works with brand partners such as Verra Wellness, created by the scientists at Denver-based Next Frontier Biosciences; the Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth line of medicinal cannabis products designed to relieve menstrual discomfort; and ioVia, a line of precision-dose CBD and THC products that has been on the market since 2013.

The company is growing rapidly, Massey says, with up to 30, including lab techs and a chemist. “We didn’t want to create a transdermal product with any chemicals in the base,” she says. “So that is why we have a chemist creating vegetable and mineral-based products.”

A new product that RMZ is working on is a “Cool Relief Gel”, set to launch by the end of summer this year.

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