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Get Glowing

Jul 02, 2019 11:20AM ● By Stephanie Wilson
It’s summer in Colorado. The mountains are calling, and you must go. John Muir said so.

But sometimes you just don’t want to go, because going means pitching a tent in the middle of a forest somewhere far away from a bathroom or a wine store. So don’t. Instead, go to and book a stay at North Fork Tipi Haven in Colorado’s wine country, a region abundant with organic farms and orchards. Spend a weekend touring vineyards and organic cherry and hops farms or hiking the wildflower lined trails in the nearby national forests and state parks.

Or you could just check in at the camp and check out for a little while. There is a calm stillness to the haven, a 22 acre property that will one day include an artist residency, yurts, and short-term housing options. But for now, it has four tip is lining an open field, facing east to capitalize on the expansive views of Mt. Lamborn and Mt. Gunnison. You can catch the mountain’s morning glow up from the comfort of your bed, snuggled in a fluffy blanket rather than zipped in a sleeping bag. And then you can use the composting toilet to relieve yourself (no shovel required) before heading to boil water for coffee in the outdoor kitchen.

It’s not exactly glamping but it’s not camping either. It’s a magical spot somewhere in between, and it’s calling. You should go.