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Sensi Magazine July 2019 - Emerald Triangle Digital Edition

Jul 01, 2019 02:03AM ● By Nora Mounce

As this issue goes to print, the north coast of California exploded in a record-setting heat wave, announcing summer’s arrival with gusto. Think 2019 might be a hot one? It already is. From the Monterey to Crescent City, temperatures in typically foggy and mild coastal zones surged into the 80s and 90s, even hitting 100 degrees in San Francisco, smashing all-time records. Hello, summer! Hello, climate change.

Personally, as a coastal dweller raised in California’s Sierra Foothills, this weather feels like childhood. I know I’m not alone. When temps spike, posts on social media about the “scorching” heat are neck-and-neck with posts poking fun at everyone who claims to be “melting.” Landing somewhere in the middle of these two camps—I live on the coast for a reason—I make the best of a hot day, enjoying simple pleasures like hanging out laundry that actually dries and dining al fresco. If you can escape to the river’s emerald- green waters, life is pure bliss. But as temps creep up the coast and inland valleys start to roast, my mind can’t help but run circles around one smothering thought—fire, fire, fire.

Summer inevitably evokes a sense of freedom, connecting us to simpler times and inviting more playful versions of ourselves to join the party. So how can we camp, swim, and barbecue with a new appreciation for the raw power of “what’s hot,” in our changing climate? Wildfires can continue to destroy life in the blink of an eye. How can we move through daily life with this new normal?

Education. Across the Emerald Triangle, municipal agencies are collaborating to educate the public that every individual can bring risk or resilience to the threat of wildfires. Learning to live and work differently—taking every precaution and exercising every preventative measure—will require the cooperation of the entire community. Look for community workshops and education on fire preparedness, evacuation, and prevention from the Trinity, Mendocino, and Humboldt Fire Safe Councils. Tune into to KMUD, KZYX, and Jefferson Public Radio for the latest fire updates. And more than anything else—have an evacuation plan that accounts for pets, the elderly, neighbors, and everyone in your family.

Without a doubt, this summer will be H-O-T! Have fun, work hard, and enjoy that amazing Emerald Triangle sunshine—and never forget about the next fire.


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