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A Country Founded on Rebellion Against an Oppressive King

Jun 26, 2019 12:41PM ● By Stephanie Wilson
This 4th of July, try not to burn anything down while playing with recreational explosives. Do, however, feel free to “burn one” (read: smoke a joint) while playing with recreational cannabis. It’s your right not your American right, mind you, but your right as an adult in Colorado, where freedom rings loud.

For some, it sounds like a siren call for progress. For others, a call to arms signaling Americans to start fighting back against the War on Drugs the federal government has been waging on its own citizens for decades.

Either, or: no matter. Freedom can now be heard reverberating a little louder from coast to coast.

In 12 states, recreational cannabis became legal with the stroke of a governor’s pen turning bill into law each signature an act of protest. A dozen rebellions against oppression in a country founded on rebellion against oppression. How ironic that progressive politics making America great again.

Ponder that while you watch fire bombs bursting in air this month. Denver leads the way, of course, hosting the 10th-annual Independence Eve celebration at Civic Center Park on July 3. Live music, craft beer and wine gardens, food trucks, and special performances by Chris Daniels & the Kings and the Colorado Symphony keep the party going from 4 p.m. until the banging conclusion of the light show and fireworks atop the Denver City and County Building.