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Ladies' Night

Jun 26, 2019 01:00PM ● By Dawn Garcia
The options of what to watch on television these days are so bountiful that grains of sand seem easier to count. The quality of shows is legit changing the way we view content. In the wake of a female surge and a much needed one there are TV shows streaming with strong, talented, and kickass ladies you’ll have to hunker down and watch. So, when the summer swell of blistering heat finds you, curl up on that couch with your A/C running and get ready to feed your mind with visual amazement.

Killing Eve // Season 1 now on Hulu
Sandra Oh has come a long way from playing Christina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy. Fans were longing for a little of that Oh Effect, and the Emmy-nominated Killing Eve delivers. The story of cat and mouse, investigator (Eve, played by Oh) and hitwoman (Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer) unravels so steadily, you find yourself hoping this twisted dance ends in some grand unconventional love story. Cheering for bad to prevail, Eve is hunting down Villanelle, a profoundly abject killer hired by those they never speak of. No, really they’re just called “them.” It is a remarkably smart story of two women whose jobs are polar opposite, yet their motivations are strangely on level planes.

Maniac // Season 1 now on Netflix
Emma Stone can sing and dance, but she can also do crazy with the best of them. Maniac, starring Stone (Annie), Jonah Hill (Owen), Sally Field (Dr. Greta Mantleray), Justin Theroux (Dr. James K. Mantleray), and Sonoya Mizuno (Dr. Azumi Fujita) takes place in a world similar to ours yet not quite real.

A concerning computer with feelings, doubt, addiction, dysfunctional relationships, and daunting past can be sorted out and remedied by participation in a simple drug trial led by doctors Fujuita and Mantleray. Not quite that simple, each participant is given a series of pills causing them to relive fantastical and painful parts of their lives including some they can’t confirm really existed. Torn between the twisted mother/son relationship of the Mantlerays and the painfully desperate belonging of Owen and Annie, Maniac takes you on one genuinely effed-up adventure of the mind, desire, and our inescapable world of AI.

Dead To Me // Season 1 now on Netflix
Widower and real estate agent Jen Harding (played by Christina Applegate) is doing her best to raise her two teenage sons and not be pissed that her husband was killed by a hit-and-run driver. Giving in to her reluctant grief, Jen attends a grief group in Laguna Beach. Seaside and surrounded in luxury, this grief group of misfits introduces us to a strange bunch of people facing losses of everything from spouses to animals, but it’s the bright optimism of quirky Judy Hale (played by Linda Cardellini) that sparks an immediate friendship.

An unlikely duo, the two become fast friends, but things get complicated when Judy’s ex-husband Steve (played by James Marsden) becomes Jen’s client. Obsessed with finding her husband’s killer, Jen is blind to some questionable characteristics of her new bestie until Steve plants the seeds that Judy’s crazy. With a stellar supporting cast that includes the incomparable Ed Asher, Dead To Me is the kind of angsty show you’ll want to unpack one misplaced emotion at a time.

Russian Doll // Season 1 now on Netflix
Imagine dying every day, over and over, reliving the same night, same party, same friends, same song, but each time you relive it, your life becomes a little more clouded in chaos, anger, formidable complications, and an intersection of strangers. That’s Russian Doll.

Just like the matryoshka dolls you open and open, Nadia Vulvokov (played by Natasha Lyonne) has to navigate her New York existence while repeating the same night indefinitely. Every episode will have you wondering who Nadia really is. And as new pieces of her life and the lives of those she cares about including new characters are introduced, you’ll realize you’ve binged all eight episodes.

Forever // Season 1 now on Amazon
June and Oscar are the ideal, boring married couple. When they finally decide to break their cycle, they die within a year of one another and enter the afterlife. Having finally gotten a taste of being on her own, June’s afterlife thrusts her right back into her old life with Oscar in a neighborhood with other dead people. The neighborhood seems more like an in-between, leaving her with more questions than she ever had before.

Forever, starring Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen, is a far cry from their SNL skits. This well-written and tragic dark comedy digs deep into societal ideals, the true meaning of love and marriage, and what awaits us when we die. With an incredibly talented cast including the twisted neighbor Kase (played by Catherine Keener), Forever is a clever foreboding look at what comes next. The show will take you through a range of emotions from loneliness and total abandon to curiosity and passion, leaving you with a capricious yet unfortunate impression of what comes next.