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Off the Map

Jun 07, 2019 08:53PM ● By Stephanie Wilson
When you receive a satellite phone message from a friend with directions to an unmarked waterfall coordinate somewhere 80 miles into the Moab desert, you pack the truck and go. That’s how life works, if you’re doing it right. Sensi’s Marketing Director Andre Velez is. He got the coordinates and made the six and a half or so mile drive from Colorado Springs to Canyonlands National Park, then ventured out into unmarked territory. If you google the coordinates, the first intelligible result is for “Inventoried Roadless Areas.” It’s worth it, and Dre’s got the photos to prove it. If you go, bring lots of water, obviously, and make sure to tag us in your pics, @SENSIMAGAZINE on Insta. Tag Dre as well, @DREBOTZ, and follow along. It’s summer time and living is easy. Let’s adventure.