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Jun 01, 2019 11:45PM ● By Debbie Hall
In the Arts District 18b and downtown area, bicycles have become more than transportation. A new venue, gallery, retail center, and creative space, HUB & SPŌK, celebrated its opening showcasing bicycle art, sculptures, and murals.

CYCLEdelic, created from bicycle parts by Carlos Vivaldo is the centerpiece of the store. An artist, bicycle mechanic, and co-proprietor of Crank & Grind, Vivaldo combines an all-encompassing psychedelic feeling with a cycle’s moving pieces that stays grounded. Outside the building, the tallest bicycle and bicycle table flanked the mural painted by the artist Sig. On one wall, Sig painted an untitled cyborg woman as part of his live painting during the opening.

Quincy Savage, the owner of HUB & SPŌK, met Vivaldo at Crank & Grind and was inspired to open a new platform for artists and creativity. The retail space offers model cars, apparel that transcends multiple boundaries, along with a bespoke clothing program creation from design to a 1-of-1 piece.