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Sensi Magazine June 2019 - Boston Digital Edition

May 31, 2019 07:42AM ● By Amber Orvik


May was rife with rain and gloom as much as it was ports in the storm of the brand of existential doom running through the current generation. For those unaware, there exists a subculture of “doomers,” a growing sect burdened by the onslaught of terror our world presents anyone with access to the internet and streaming digital services. They feel hopeless, tired, and in the extreme have no plans to see the ‘morrow. 

It’s a horrible mental place to live. So, for those with a touch of the doom haunting their dome, look to cannabis, as there are constant revelations that are continuing the work so many activists, educators, entrepreneurs, and industry legends have been doing on the de-stigmatization front longer than some people have been aware CBD was a thing. 

For instance, the New York Times published a longread in May on the changing stereotypes of lazy stoners, reporting the first large study of legal marijuana and exercise habits found cannabis users are generally the more motivated lot when it comes to working out. Add the revelation that cannabis-linked traffic fatalities are no different in legalized states (an oft-cited anti-weed talking point in town hall meetings), and it’s easy to see a sea change continuing in the macro perception of our favorite plant. 

That isn’t to say the local cannabis industry is all puppies and ice cream right now. There is still loads of work to be done, both in terms of getting the Mass grass scene thriving—remember, California and Nevada legalized cannabis on the same day we did, and they have thriving industries with cultivation, retail, and social consumption either in robust effect or on its way. Meanwhile, an Oxford Treatment Center study found that across the legalized landscape, Oregon has the cheapest green in the country (which isn’t entirely surprising). Meanwhile, our beloved Bay State has the most expensive flower in the republic, clocking in at almost $350 per quality ounce. 

In other words, c’mon Mass. From our lagging social consumption laws (see: legal dinners, dosed), the limping nature of the dispensary and product access rollout for the recreational market (to say nothing of what the medical market has dealt with since 2012), with so much headway made and heavy lifting against the reefer madness masses already done, the Commonwealth, especially with so many eyes on us from our pilot equity and incubator programs, deserves a smoother and better functioning industry. 

We’ll get there, sure. The question is when. 


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