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Sensi Magazine

Sensi Magazine June 2019 - Los Angeles Digital Edition

May 31, 2019 06:43AM ● By Amber Orvik


It used to be that being green meant you were inexperienced and a little wet behind the ears, but now it means conscious living, mindful consumerism, and taking care of Mother Earth. This issue, we get our hands dirty in all the right ways, and we’re having so much fun doing it! 

As the sun creeps in ever so steadily, we’re digging a little deeper—literally. Talking camping, outdoor entertaining and décor, Angelenos have every reason to get outside. With so many things to do—from grabbing your friends and heading to adult summer camp, finding art that taps into your imagination and childlike whimsy, watching classic films in historic parks while feasting on food-truck fare, boldly making vegan recipes and playing in your kitchen at home—we’re celebrating all of it. 

June is also a reminder that being aware of our environment is essential. Exploring the life cycle of cannabis, encouraging growers and cultivators to lower their carbon footprint, ditching the age-old notion of camping for the newfound art of glamping, and getting in the dirt with your neighbors at a community garden, we can’t help but feel a swell of excitement for what’s ahead. There really is no shortage of reasons to get outdoors and seize this first official month of summer. 

At this stage in life—no matter the number attached to your years—the idea of coming together, happily vibing on nature, and taking time to revel in a whole new season is like dipping your toes in the ocean on a blazing summer day. It’s time to feel alive, have fun, get your hands dirty, be kind to yourself, and most importantly, go play! 

Live boldly, 


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