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Sensi Magazine

Sensi Magazine June 2019 - Orange County Digital Edition

May 31, 2019 06:36AM ● By Amber Orvik


Sustainability is one of those words that used to seem like something an ivy-leaguer would say to impress a room full of investors, but it’s a word that carries some weight. Sustainability emits a sense of responsibility and purity that we can’t afford to ignore. This issue, we’re getting down to the brass tax of green living, cannabis mindfulness, exploring the outdoors, the confluence of art and social impact, and fun in the famed Southern California sun.

We’re proudly upping our camping game, understanding the female and male virtues of the leaf, the value of a healthy eco-system, the revival of rice sacks and the yesteryear of fashion, painting the town happy—or rather your home, and learning how to give vegan food some serious vavoom. Did you know that there is a subconscious emotion conveyed through color? There is—and designing your outdoor space into your own little mecca of bursting colors of the rainbow may be just what the doctor ordered.

From glamping seaside in luxurious yurts or climbing into a twig nest made-for-two, this month has more to offer than the promise of a high electric bill. Whether you’re into listening to podcasts or daring to start your own, skip out on adulting and join summer grownup camp, or get a little saucy at the OC Night Market, June is shaping up to be one daring launch into summer. In other words, it’s time to loosen the reigns, open your mind, and embrace the green—and the ocean blue.

Live boldly and without apology,


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