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STASHLOGIX: Keeping Cannabis Ready, Discreet and Safe

May 31, 2019 02:00PM
Skip Stone, CEO and co-founder of STASHLOGIX, invented his business to essentially scratch his own itch. “I have young kids, and I enjoy edibles,” Stone says. “Then, in 2014, I realized that edibles would now be available to the masses.”

He put his engineering degree to work on products designed to make moving about with cannabis easier and safer. “Cannabis is sticky and dirty and smelly. Also beautiful and powerful. And there are lots of pieces and parts involved in it, and how you keep that organized,” he says.

Products to store and transport cannabis in the past focused mostly on padding, he says, but the industry has became a lot more than just glass pipes. “I wanted to integrate cannabis into people’s lives, and being discreet is a big part of it.”

He sought a product that would seal in odors, or absorb the odor with liners, and allow people to move about with cannabis, without “waving the telltale green flag that they are a cannabis consumer.”

He applied to business accelerator CanopyBoulder, where he got some funding and entrepreneurial training and met his mentor and now co-founder, Steve Norman. They set up the business and started selling products in late 2015.

Stashlogix offers many home-based storage systems. Some people who travel want just a small amount locked for the trip for instance, parents who have a couple of edibles with them and don’t want their kids to see it. “Sometimes you are hiking, or you are riding a city bus or going to a restaurant,” Stone says. “We wanted products that would incorporate all of those opportunities.”

Can his products stand the test of drug sniffing dogs? “That is not what we are trying to do,” he says. “We are trying to help people stay compliant with the law more than break the law. We do try to help people be more discreet, and follow the law, but also not get in trouble. We offer protection so that they are not the source of probable cause.”

Sustainability is key, he says. The company’s first product was an eco stash hemp bag. “We try to incorporate hemp fiber or hemp plastics that are reusable,” he says. “We also incorporate renewable products like bamboo. That is a focus of ours adding more of these sustainable resources.”

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