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Meatless Mainstream

May 27, 2019 10:24PM ● By Stephanie Wilson
Your beef burger habit is not just killing your chances of rocking a six-pack this swimsuit season, it’s killing the planet, one juicy cheesy bite at a time. How’s that? Turns out cows are gassy creatures. Livestock, ahem, flatulence accounts for 26 percent of “man-made” methane emissions in the US yes, man-made, we’re the ones breeding those cows so we can eat them and/or the milk products they produce. Methane traps heat in the atmosphere, ultimately speeding up global warming.

That’s not new news. What’s new is the tasty meat-free meat alternative that tastes impossibly like real meat that you can eat instead of beef good for you, good for the planet. And it’s, you know, actually good. While veggie burgers of yore were hard, tasteless pucks that resembled a burger in nothing but shape, the Impossible Burger by Impossible Foods looks, smells, tastes, and satisfies just like the beef-based ones you’re used to. Like, a lot.

In May, news broke that Impossible Foods, the company behind the alternative meat patty known as the Impossible Burger, is valued at $2 billion, a figure that just a few years ago would have seemed, well, impossible. Burger King is even adding an Impossible Whopper to its menu.

While we applaud the fast food giant for bringing this healthy option to the masses, if you haven’t tried one of these marvels of nature yet, starting with a BK bite would be a whopper of a mistake. You, dear Colorado diner, are far too discerning for that. Luckily, you’ve got options. The Find the Impossible tool on the company’s website shows a bunch of locations throughout the region with the goods on the menu. Since you can’t try them all, here are our picks for the top three we endorse as flippin’ delicious.