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Vangst: So You’re Looking Into the Cannabis Business

May 22, 2019 02:17PM
Go to the Vangst website, an employee recruitment platform, and you can find dozens of good jobs and what you can expect to make in one of the fastest growing industries in the country and the world.

It’s the brainchild of Karson Humiston, the founder and CEO of Vangst, a site where anyone can post or find a gig in this industry. She was in upstate New York in 2015, running a travel and adventure business, when she began asking students and others where they wanted to work. More than 70 percent indicated the cannabis industry.

That inspired her to attend a cannabis conference in Colorado. “I found all kinds of businesses here, from cultivation to extraction to retail to ancillary businesses,” Humiston says. “They were all doing really unique things, and all had real unique and specific hiring needs, and were having a hard time attracting talent.”

Fast forward four years, and Vangst has connected more than 12,000 people into jobs with more than 700 clients in the US and Canada. The company has raised more than $13 million to finance its growth. “We are believers that this is one of the biggest industries that we are seeing in our lifetime,” Humiston says. “And to be part of helping to build the industry through great people has been an awesome ride.”

She says that there are now about 250,000 people employed in the cannabis business across the US 300,000 if you include the ancillary, indirect businesses. “You look at states like Colorado generating hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue, employing 60,000 people, and the size and growth of this industry really speaks for itself.”

Vangst is working in California and Colorado, and will continue expanding to the newly-legalized states as they come online this year. “What is really important is that we believe that we have the opportunity to build one of the most inclusive industries because we are starting from ground zero,” she says. “More awesome people will continue to become part of this industry. It’s just very exciting and inspiring every day.”

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