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May 20, 2019 09:14PM
Sunnabis is a small family-owned farm specializing in craft cannabis located on the banks of the South Fork of the Eel River in beautiful Southern Humboldt. Led by Wendy Kornberg and her husband Doug, Sunnabis is recognized as a “Humboldt’s Full Sun Farm” and based on two generations of experience. A passion to incorporate natural values into the cultivation process is what ensures the high quality of farm’s sungrown plants.

The Sunnabis natural farming methods that Wendy’s family has used for generations are now receiving national attention: Closed-loop growing techniques ensure that almost everything used on the Sunnabis farm comes directly from their land. Sunnabis is also committed to having supplemental lighting on the farm and aiming for a zero-carbon footprint. Sustainable values and practices are extremely important to Kornberg and her family.

“Our regenerative farming practices create happy healthy plants!” says Kornberg. “Consumers know they can trust our products because we would never compromise our farming techniques.”

Sunnabis is proud to be a woman-owned family farm. Kornberg’s passion extends far beyond the garden and she loves sharing knowledge about regenerative farming. Recently, Kornberg has been busy spreading her joy in educational speaking engagements around the country as part of her family’s commitment to natural farming and sustaining the environment.

In Southern Humboldt, Sunnabis focuses on their profile of terpenes and cannabinoids, rather than trying to produce the most weight possible. Trichomes are carefully monitored to ensure peak production and every plant is carefully handpicked by the family to support exceptional quality outcomes.

The knowledge behind Sunnabis extends deeply into their genetics by offering a unique range of cultivars for people who truly care about healthy living. Count on Sunnabis to always be creating and growing for a full-service, hand crafted, cannabis experience.

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