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Viva Barcelona!

May 16, 2019 02:06PM
Barcelona is known for having one of the best football (aka soccer) teams in the entire footy federation. It also happens to be a city thriving in art, some of the most euphoric food and wine, fascinating architecture, and a museum designated to the history of hemp. Like all things Spaniards do, the Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum offers something genuinely authentic.

Consisting of a collection that spans the history of cannabis from ancient times to modern-day use and legalization, the museum explores paraphernalia, medicine, euphoria, and more. Exhibiting over 12,000 cannabis-related items, the Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum is a collection of human culture and the implementation of cannabis in our lives throughout time. Erected in 1985, the museum opened in both Amsterdam and Barcelona. The art displayed includes the greats inspired by Rembrandt, a portrait of Mr. Nice, and various artists who used hemp in their creations as inspiration, material, and more. With multimedia displays including films, photographs, and workshops set in architectural wonder, the Hash Museum is one that you have to see.

The latest exhibition is called We Are Mary Jane. The exhibition is a tribute to all of the women throughout history that have been part of the cannabis movement. “It’s we women [in the world] fighting today to defend the right to home cultivation. It’s the mothers who have raised their voices declaring that, even if they are persecuted, they will continue to treat their children affected by various pathologies with the plants grown in their garden…We are living a wave of feminist revolution, and the liberation of cannabis is part of it,” says Ana María Gazmuri, executive director of Fundación Daya.

An €8.50 ticket (converts to $9.57) grants you access to all the Barcelona exhibitions on view, including Hemp in Japan: the Samuri, Cannabis in Cartoons, Hemp in Germany: the Little Book, Hemp for Victory, Hemp for Shipping, History of Smoking Cannabis, Smoker’s Delight, Pipes (an impressive collection spanning generations), a sculpture area called Rolling A Blunt, Medical Marihuana, Anti-Cannabis lobby, and the history of cannabis in France, Russia, Greece, and more.