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Affordable Travel Takes

May 07, 2019 11:25PM ● By Dawn Garcia
As we pack our bags in hopes of either an overnight staycation or a true escape somewhere fascinating, the continual shift in what we can and can’t take with us seems to be mounting faster than we can keep up. Thankfully, as flight rules change and road trips become more popular, traveling light doesn’t mean giving up things that matter. Beauty regimes, fitness routines, creature comforts, and clean clothes make traveling all the more successful. Below is a look at some products I’ll never travel without. Whether I’m road tripping or traveling to the other side of the world, these things make my life on the road easier, more luxurious, and lighter and fit snugly in my suitcase.

In a world where beauty tricks and fads seem to hit our inbox faster than a hummingbird’s flapping wings, travel friendly products are becoming more the norm. Listening as consumers demanded less bulk and more quality product, some brands took note.

These makeup-removing wipes are hands down one of the best. They’re gentle enough not to irritate your skin thanks to cypress oil, they remove everything including lipstick and mascara, and they smell like a day spa.

Yes to Cucumbers Calming Sleep Mask// $12 for a pack of four:
When traveling, especially somewhere hot, having a good calming mask can be the difference between clogged pores and dehydrated skin or worse, painful sunburn. The Yes to Cucumbers calming sleeping mask is an individually wrapped mask with cucumber extract.

OMG! 4-in-1 Zone System Mask // $7 per sheet:
This is an eye mask, charcoal clay mask, Kaolin clay mask, and a finishing cream. All you have to do is wash your face and apply each of the three masks to the designated area and follow it with the moisturizer. It comes in a single sheet with four perforated sections, making easy to pack and easy to use.

One of the most difficult aspects of travel is sleeping in hotels. It can be the ultimate challenge to feel comfortable and get a good night’s rest. The two products below will help make that possible.

Brave Era Silk Travel Sheet // $100:
There’s nothing quite like resting your head on a perfect sheet, but sometimes, no matter how much money you spend, a sheet can be less than optimal. This travel sheet is 100 percent mulberry silk and hypoallergenic. Plus, it’s as soft as it seems, is machine washable, and air dries.

Hemp FX, Relax // $107.07 per bottle:
This mint-flavored sleep aid is full of goodness and everything you need to take the edge off and get a good night’s rest. While this bottle can’t go on your carry on, it is safe to take on an airplane, containing 750 milligrams of active hemp phytocannabinoids. Be sure to check any travel restrictions, but if you get the green light, this is terrific for long travels with severe time change. It will help calm jetlag.

Snark City Sleep Masks // $11:
There’s nothing quite like sarcasm, so a sleep mask with a snarky sense of humor is a dream come true literally. These catchy sleep masks are comfy and will make you laugh before putting them on and nestling into your slumber.