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Sponsored Post: A Trusted Brand Hits the Sweet Spot

May 02, 2019 10:51AM
How is one of the most well-known edibles, concentrates, and wellness brands in the industry Incredibles doing these days?

“Really it’s more of the same,” Bob Eschino, president and founder of Medically Correct, makers of Incredibles, says. “Our wellness line such as tinctures became the second-largest-selling product in Colorado in 2018. We are ahead of budget for the year, and we just had our second biggest month in January and a record February.”

Expansion continues, with a launch in Massachusetts recently, and a ramping up of production in Puerto Rico. “California is also back on our radar,” he says. “We have found ways to get into the market a little quicker. The California market is one of those golden rings hanging out there for us. But getting licensed in LA is difficult to do.”

The company also has deals underway in Michigan, Missouri, and Arizona and outside the country in Jamaica and Colombia and some European countries. Rules are still coming on edibles in Canada, but he hopes to have a deal there before October. “The expansion is really starting to snowball,” he says. “It’s getting busier.”

With a well-known brand like Incredibles, getting consumers to support the brand and hail its reputation and commitment to consistency is the easy part. “The hard part is the nuts and bolts,” Eschino says. “Getting the agreements signed is easier now that we are well known. Then it comes down to the operations. It’s more difficult than people think.”


With the passage of the Farm Bill, the company is exploring more CBD product expansion as well. “We do a CBD only product line, but we tell people that CBD is still not legal yet,” he says. “The Farm Bill actually made what we do more questionable, because it says that we can’t sell adulterated food.

“The bill has given the CBD makers a framework to work in, and rules will be coming down. So we are still very selective in what we are doing on the CBD side of it,” he says. “Eventually it will be a bigger part of our business. But we just need more rules put in place. We are seeing CBD shops being shut down. So there is a little bit of enforcement action going on.”