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May 2019 Horoscope

May 01, 2019 02:16PM
Apr 20–May 20
It’s your birthday month, and you’re going to like it. You’ll find nothing too difficult will be expected of you. This will allow you to do the kinds of things you love the most: relax, make art, eat good food, and save your money. Beware of any die hard desires to put your nose to the grindstone and work through your free time. Don’t be stubborn grant yourself the chance to chill for the next few weeks while demands are low. The best opportunities tend to arrive right after we’ve given ourselves time to rest.

May 21–June 21
Never one to appreciate being tied down, dear Gemini, this month will support you in that preference. Those you love will be eager to jump into action with you (and dull and boring conversations will be few and far between). May will be a stimulating month indeed, but if you have assignments with deadlines, beware that thinking about strategies doesn’t replace actually implementing them. If you want to bring projects to completion, you’ll need to sit down at some point and actually do any work you’ve committed to.

June 22–July 22
You know what’s important to you? Tending to those you love. But you can’t care for everyone else if your own tank is empty. You’ll get a chance to practice self-nurturing this month, especially if it feels like people are holding their expectant hands out, waiting for you to give (and give and give). Take it as a sign to retreat into the comforts of your private space. Spend money on things that make you feel safe and secure, and share your time with people who make you feel the same way.

July 23–Aug 22
The sun is coming out, and that’s your ruling planet, so you’re feeling on top of the world right now. Get clear about your intentions early in the month so you can use the power of your decisions to fuel you. This is a period of good fortune; the things you set your mind on should arrive easily. Romance will have a little extra spice to it, although toward the end of the month, your partner might tire of the fun and games and just want to chill at home. That may not be the easiest prospect for you (because you love to see and be seen) but communicating your wants and needs around it all should be more fluid than usual, so sharpen up those negotiation skills.

Aug 23–Sept 22
May might start out rough. While your focus is generally on the details, the rest of the world is busy ignoring those details. The first part of this month brings flaky people flocking to you, adding insult to injury by ignoring your opinions and bypassing your instructions like crazy. Breathe deep. The second half of the month you can relax as the people around you settle down and become more interested in security and stability. It feels like a breath of fresh spring air.

Sept 23–Oct 22
When relationships aren’t going your way, you might feel tempted to bend over backward trying to buy love or gossip about what a horrible person your lover or friend is. If you notice you’re doing either, be prepared to advocate for yourself instead. Don’t let the idea scare you. Arguments are a great way to get everything on the table and find a peaceful middle ground. And don’t worry, things will settle down, especially if you commit to communicating clearly and directly, to set yourself up for a much more satisfying spring.

Oct 23–Nov 21
The truth is, you like a little drama. But that’s a good thing, because May will bring challenge in love which, at the very least, will keep things interesting. If you want to come out on top, here’s the key: just because your partner or friend has higher energy or conflicting needs, it doesn’t mean they’re dishonest or disloyal. People need to express themselves in their own ways even if you find those ways annoying. Avoid verbal sparring and try not to accuse anyone of being flaky just because they don’t want to talk about emotions. By the end of the month, you’ll be able to relax and share your feelings in more satisfying ways.

Nov 22–Dec 21
Your sense of push and pull will be strong this month. Adventure will call (as it usually does) but when you’re finally ready to make something happen, you won’t be in the mood for it anymore. Even if you can’t accomplish adventure in the flesh this month, find a book or teaching to dive into; your friends and those you love will benefit  from the discussions thatstem from the things you’re learning. Be careful you don’t come across as a know-it-all though, or those same people will challenge, or worse yet, pull away from you.

Dec 22–Jan 19
Governing others brings you a sense of security. There’s nothing wrong with that; you’re good at being the boss. The trick this May is in remembering that people require communication. Ordering people around won’t work out, so if you feel push back, step aside and assess why you’re using so much force. If you don’t feel heard, change up your approach. The second part of the month will be easier, especially if you realize that, while you’re the CEO of your own life, that doesn’t necessarily give you permission to rule your coworkers and loved ones with an iron fist.

Jan 20–Feb 18
Air signs love to brainstorm,discuss and debate, so good news! This month you’ll have brilliant ideas and right answers. If you’re knee-deep in projects, complete them quickly lest you be dragged down by moodiness later in the month. (Ugh, emotions!) Speaking of feelings, don’t keep those you love at arms-length as may be your tendency. Verbalize your feelings and don’t get too stuck on trying to convince your partners to take your perspective because as accurate as you think yourself to be, it won’t work out like you planned.

Feb 19–Mar 20
Daydreaming is the way you take breaks from the stress (and boredom) of life. You might spend the first half of May floating along in reverie. Let yourself rest; a busy schedule or even demanding conversations with others could result in unneeded frustrations. Take a break from romance early in the month, and rest assured that in good time, everything will begin to feel stable again.

Mar 21–Apr 19
This is a good month to take it easy. Your version of relaxation has less to do with laying around and more with excitement and activity, so get on that. Head outside, hit the trails or the mat, and work up a sweat. This goes for physical intimacy as well. Invigorating activities with people you have the feels for may lead to hot and heavy action. Just don’t forget to engage in good old-fashioned conversations as well. These can be just as stimulating as exercise.