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Sensi Magazine May 2019 - Emerald Triangle Digital Edition

Apr 30, 2019 12:34AM ● By Amber Orvik


This far north, traveling is a way of life. A community bound by what we are not—urban, overcrowded, and mainstream—the Emerald Triangle is famously tucked away behind the redwood curtain. 

“What big trees you have,” said Little Redwoods as she edged closer to the county line. 

“The better to hide our gardens, my dear,” replied the farmer. 

Each winter, the two-lane highways heading east, south, and north from Humboldt often close on account of landslides and downed trees. Sometimes, impossibly enough, you cannot get out of town for a few days. Flying doesn’t simplify matters; flights are often delayed or cancelled due to heavy fog. Recently, rumors have swirled about resurrecting an old railroad line, but they are quickly dismissed by healthy skepticism and the absence of requisite millions. For now, living this far removed from the rest of the world means regularly spending hours in the car to travel. But we’re just like everyone else: We love the excitement of packing bags, exploring new countries, shifting our worldview, and chasing the sun. 

So travel, we do! I know teachers who don’t mind “popping down” to San Francisco for a workshop (five hours each way) and parents who make weekly treks for their child’s medical appointments in Redding or Davis. And come winter, the lucky among us recharge body and mind in far-flung tropical locales, simply scheduling an extra day of driving on each end. It’s the Emerald Triangle way of life. 

While the lack of proximity can be daunting, we’re quick to explain it’s precisely what makes our community so damn special. No one can put a price on empty beaches, silent redwood groves, and unlimited access to some of the most rare and scenic landscapes in the world. This is why we always come home. 

In the spirit of sharing our green jewels with the world, we invite travelers to re-imagine the journey north. Plan ahead, upload your favorite podcast, or take in the scenery while traveling beyond your imagination into Northern California’s Emerald Triangle. 


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