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Apr 29, 2019 11:26PM ● By Marketing SENSI MAG
It’s no secret that hemp is one interesting plant, one whose uses seem to be expanding daily. Much of the excitement these days is based around cannabidiol, or CBD, considered a major healing compound in cannabis. But hemp, the cannabis plant with little or no THC, is far more than just wellness products. So we thought we’d take a look at other hemp stuff so you can promote the startling adaptability of this plant while making it part of your own life.

With the continuing emphasis on sustainability and eliminating plastic from our lives, many communities are in the process of banning or discouraging the use of plastic bags from retail stores. In effect, this makes the canvas bag de rigueur for environmentally conscious shoppers. And what better way to show your support for hemp products than a sturdy tote from HEMPGOGREEN.COM that will ensure all your perishables get home safely for a long time to come?

Hemp is an industrial agricultural plant, and its uses include mundane tasks like keeping your house tidy. Scrub brushes now come with hemp fiber bristles (ZORO.COM) that will clear up any mess your cat makes in the kitchen or living room. There’s even an alternative to traditional wood products: hemp industrial oil for your old wooden table or chairs.
Ski season is ending, so be thinking about next year with some hemp ski googles from Bosky (BOSKYOPTICS.COM), that feature a tear-resistant hemp ventilation system among its innovations. (It’s also making eyeglasses of hemp that are very stylish.) And you’ll want a warm, striped hemp crew sweater (GARMENTORY.COM) to keep away the chill as you’re making your way up the lifts or flying down the slopes.

Hemp has been used in apparel for generations. Many feel it’s superior to cotton because it weighs less and softens with every wash. Hemp is more expensive, but is also more durable. There are hemp socks that wick away moisture and sweat and come in an assortment of different colors. Other accessory items to build your hemp profile include a sun hat (with a cannabis leaf on it, if that’s your thing), and belt made from hemp fiber. There are even hemp pull toys to play with your pooch at the dog park. And Kind Hemp (KINDHEMPCO.COM) plants a hemp seed for every item it sells. There are more and more choices out there, like on Jungmaven (JUNGMAVEN.COM), for hemp shirts, vests, and jeans for all sexes. And today you can even find sheets and pillowcases made from 100 percent hemp. (Don’t forget that hemp sheets get softer with every wash.) If you like linen sheets, you will probably love these, too.

Luthiers are always looking for innovations for instruments, and there are a number of them that are now offering hemp based guitars in acoustic and even electric models. Canadian Hemp Guitars (CANADIANHEMPGUITARS.COM) says its guitars are as vibrant as any ash or maple mahogany instrument. Morris Beegle (he’s the guy behind the NoCo Hemp Festival) offers a line of Canadian Hemp Guitars down here that includes the Hempcaster and offers customizable color finishes, electronics, bridges, fretboards, tuners, and knobs.

Who doesn’t need a break after hitting the trails, cleaning up the house, or just enduring a shitty day at work? How about a meditation pillow from Samadhi Cushions (SAMADHICUSHIONS.COM)? Each pillow is made of sustainable 55 percent hemp and 45 percent cotton with a cushion that raises the hips for more comfort in your favorite meditating positions. Add a mat for the complete package. Happy day.