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Sponsored Post: A Full Spectrum of Products

Apr 16, 2019 03:40PM
Craft Concentrates, a leading brand in the Colorado market for years, now operates with a crew of more than 100 employees creating three different product lines now available in more than 400 stores across the state. “We service markets corner to corner,” John Morgan, a former packager in the company, now director of sales, says. “We have our own in-house courier service to help extend our reach.”

Craft Concentrates opened in 2015 with a lab in Denver. The company’s 4,500-square-foot, state of the art lab is now in Pueblo, where about 73 people work “almost 24-7,” he says, while the grow operation and corporate offices remain in Denver.

Craft Concentrates makes PHO wax, distillate syringes, vape pens, and live resin.

“What sets Craft apart in Colorado is that we continue to produce a full spectrum of product lines to meet any consumer’s needs,” Morgan says.

Craft Concentrates has three different product lines. Panacea is its top one, and includes a live-resin-based cartridge with a high terpene content for more avid dabbers. There is also live resin in the Panacea line, either as a full gram jar, a quarter ounce or a full ounce. “We are looking to launch a sauce product in the Panacea line in the future,” he says.

Next is the Sesh, a more casual line for the everyday smoker that features a strain-specific distillate cartridge and a syringe with a full gram of strain-specific distillate. And there is a signature, pure propane-based extracted wax in this product line. “We brought the pure PHO wax mentality to the market in 2015, when a lot of people were doing mixed gases,” Morgan says. “It set us apart from the beginning, as it does now.”

Finally, there is the oil line. “It offers the best value on the market,” he says. It’s a similar formulation as the Sesh distillate cartridges, with an added five percent propylene glycol (a synthetic organic compound, colorless with a faint sweet taste) cut. “All of those products are available in medical and recreational,” he says.

The company doesn’t sell any flower, because state law dictates that the grow has to go to infused products. But consumers can get an idea of what that might taste like.

Craft Concentrates just launched an infused hand rolled cone-shaped ¾-gram joint that is flower-infused with both the Sesh PHO wax and the Panacea live resin. “Our cones actually give people a chance to try our flower for the first time since our inception,” Morgan says.

Over the last year, he says, the company has become a leader in B-to-B sales, as other oil manufacturers and other edible makers have begun sourcing Craft distillate. “We have taken that raw distillate ingredient and turned that into the commodity that it is, and we been able to do business with a lot of companies that have cut out the headache of creating oil themselves,” Morgan says. “It’s become an incredible partnership.”

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