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Ending the Side Effect Cycle for True Body Harmony

Apr 15, 2019 05:20PM
A former Executive Chef adds a new kind of healing edible, pushing aside a pile of pills in the process.

David Yusefzadeh, CEO and founder of Cloud Creamery, makers of cannabis-infused ice-cream, is a sick guy. Medical science could not help. He finally turned to cannabis.

Yusefzadeh was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, a painful inflammatory bowel disease, in 2011, which meant he had to be careful about everything he ate and ingest a growing handful of pills that followed the usual post-diagnosis medical-treatment path: take this one pill, then take this second pill to counteract the side effects of that first pill, etc. Opioids became part of the pile of pills he was prescribed.

“I blew through those pills pretty quickly, and my body became used to them to the point where they no longer had the prescribed effect,” Yusefzadeh says. “They were killing the little bit of immune system I had left.” He started to explore options for treating his illness, read about cannabis research, and discovered that the cannabis research funded by the federal government was generally anti-cannabis.

So he talked to his doctor in Boston, who gave him a medical card and helped him explore what would work for him. “I would go to dispensaries and look through their edibles,” he says. “A lot of them were just trash that I just didn’t want to eat. And there were only gummies, lozenges, and brownies. That was about it.”

Yusefzadeh, a former executive chef from Chicago with a background managing a team of chefs and food scientists to develop new products, ended up making his own edible products at home.

Instead of creating products with cannabis butter, a common method of making edibles, he made a decadent, artisanal edible cannabis product that took advantage of cannabis’ fat-soluble nature.

His choice? A high-fat ice-cream made with local grass-fed cow milk, organic cane sugar, and no artificial ingredients.

In September, 2017, Yusefzadeh started Cloud Creamery, operating out of a 2,000-square-foot standalone building in Framingham, Massachusetts, in the greater Boston area, with a staff of one other person and a group of contractors to take care of photography, social media, and the digital platform.

The business is structured with some high-powered professionals, including Janice Bissex, a registered dietitian nutritionist; and Jim Borghesani, former director of communications for Paul Cellucci, Massachusetts’ governor in 2001, and director of communications for the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, the state’s successful 2016 legalization ballot initiative.

Yusefzadeh says he is working on other products, such as sorbet and ice cream sandwiches. “I am more interested in making something for someone with my condition,” he says. “I think that what I have had with this ice cream is something that doesn’t seem like medicine. I want it to be a go-to cannabis product for people who want something with little to no side effects, that helps then get through everyday issues.”

Cloud Creamery is just getting up to speed on building potential sales and getting the word out about its ice cream. “We have done plenty of private events and dinners, and we are booked through the end of January,” Yusefzadeh says.