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April 2019 Horoscope

Apr 11, 2019 09:24PM
Mar 21–Apr 19
Every sign has a few months in the year when it’s particularly dynamic, and this, Aries, is one of your months. Hungry for adventure? Plan an exploration. Feeling argumentative and want to be right? Initiate a debate. Desiring more passion in life? Break any ice that’s formed over the winter, and start a fire with the object of your affection. Take advantage of your month in the sun.

Apr 20–May 20
The air is warming, and the luscious scents of spring are in the air. Taurus, you’re a tactile creature, and this is a month to touch and explore all the indulgent things. Seek out the sunshine, treat yourself to delicious food and sensual pleasures, devise creative ways to make money, and definitely make time for good, solid conversation with people you love.

May 21–June 21
Never one to shy away from mental stimulation, you’ll find yourself even more engrossed this month in the art of interesting dialog. You have a gift for listening to the points of view of others has anyone ever told you that? Of course, don’t gossip too much, but do exchange observations about the world at large and speak up for injustice, too. This is great month for listening, and for making yourself heard.

Jun 22–Jul 22
The beginning of April brings some pushy energy, and you might feel intruded upon because of it. Solve that problem by seeking some private, quality time with the one you love because romance and self-care are your happy places right now. Talking about your relationship and your feelings is best done in the early weeks of April, so don’t wait to have difficult (or intimate) conversations. On the flip side, by the end of the month, those unpleasant energies should settle, making you a happy affectionate crab.

Jul 23–Aug 22
Leo, you’re generous, expressive, and clever by nature, and it’s important that those qualities are appreciated by the people around you. In the early part of April, that just may not happen. Don’t lose hope though; later in the month, the dam breaks and you’ll be far more appealing and dynamic, both in love and in conversation. In other news, you’ll have extra energy to create excitement and joy in your life, and you’re very supported when it comes to moving into action and making changes.

Aug 23–Sept 22
“I love you, I love you not” may be your mantra in April, as everything gets a little prickly. You may feel like no one is capable of meeting your high standards and that your hard work is being undervalued. You can make the most of this prickly month by being adaptable to plan changes. Show off your many skills by offering them to someone in need.

Sept 23–Oct 22
You love to be in love, it’s true. But this month, you may have to put in a bit more effort than usual, especially when it comes to sharing your thoughts and feelings. Honesty isn’t always easy (because frankly, you hate to disappoint), so use tact but don’t let it obscure your truth. The good news is that your confidence need not take a hit, and your ability to make decisions will be heightened if you choose to assert yourself.

Oct 23–Nov 21
April brings many contradictions as romance may begin on a bed of roses that ends up feeling rather thorny toward the end of the month. The same can be said for the ways you relate to everyone else, too the livin’ is easy until your buttons get pushed, and then things get real. Dramatic changes are kind of your thing, so just go with the flow. Know that it’s all a means to an end and if you pay attention, you’ll learn some good stuff about yourself and those you love.

Nov 22–Dec 21
Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but compassion isn’t always your strong point. So when your love life demands it, you’ll have to work past your blocks to conjure some up. Play your cards right and that empathy will pay off with some heat. When it comes to the rest of the people in your world, know that you may have to balance your desire to “be right” with a little bit of “actually paying attention to what others are saying.” If you’re able to do that, expect rewards, including a refreshed outlook on life.

Dec 22–Jan 19
Capricorn, you can be as traditional as they come, but every so often, you let loose and transform into a provocateur of the most interesting kind. Do that in the early part of this month and make your desires known, because you may find that you get more controlling in matters of love and communication toward the end. When it comes to your overall ability to complete projects, your natural logic-based decisiveness may feel scattered (which you won’t enjoy) but you’ll get a burst of solid, dependable strength in the second half of the month (which you will enjoy).

Jan 20–Feb 18
This is a good month for you, Aquarius. Something to remember: although detachment can actually be quite stimulating (for you), relationships of any kind (including the love variety) require more creativity than that. If you really want to arouse your own interest, ask questions and listen to the answers. This will provoke inspiration and originality, which you can incorporate into meaningful activities with your friends and loves.

Feb 19–Mar 20
Pisces, if you’re awake and aware, you have a real gift for seeing the endless possibilities available to you (and those around you). Allow that natural creativity to flow this month. Your builtin tenderness is supported both in your partnerships and in the other relationships in your life. You may however find it difficult to harness your energy and move into action, leaving your clever imagination with a lack of clear direction.