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Kiss the Ground

Apr 09, 2019 01:52PM
This spring, the General Mills Foundation has pledged $650,000 to help agricultural movement Kiss the Ground launch a farmland program that will help regional farmers lower their carbon footprint and transition into regenerative agriculture practices. It’s a huge step in furthering the mission set out by Kiss the Ground and organic companies like Good Culture, alongside the Soil Health Academy and several other farmer training programs.

“Soil is our common ground,” says Lauren Tucker, executive director of Kiss the Ground. “When we care for our soils, we can infiltrate more water, reduce pest pressure, build resilience to unpredictable weather, continue to produce healthy food, and even pull carbon out of the atmosphere. Customers, farmers, and ranchers should all work together to inspire a soil and climate revolution.”

Several Los Angeles restaurants have partnered with Kiss the Ground to implement agriculturally sound soil and farming practices into their own culinary programs, including natural and vegan-friendly Sage Vegan Bistro and Brewery (all three locations), West Hollywood’s Gracias Madre, Pasadena’s Café Culture, and LA’s Lately and Nature Restaurant.

“As a restaurant owner and operator, making changes is often difficult with all the moving parts of a restaurant. Kiss the Ground’s Farmland Program gives restaurants an easy way to tell a great story, really participate in changing the food system, and allow guests to be inspired that your restaurant is mission-driven and impacting the farmers of tomorrow,” says Ryland Engelhart, Cafe Gratitude co-owner and co-founder of Kiss the Ground.

Each restaurant will source one menu item from farmers and ranchers who are part of the Farmland Program, as well as donate $2 from every select menu item sold to the Farmland Project. It’s a win-win for diners, farmers, ranchers, and chefs.

Through a partnership with Good Culture, eight farmers will receive full scholarships to participate in the Farmland Project. “Good Culture is committed to healthier, more sustainable food, and we only get there when that food comes from healthy origins,” says Jesse Merrill, co-founder and CEO of Good Culture. “Kiss the Ground’s Farmland Program goes right to the source, working with farmers to embrace regenerative agriculture practices and deliver food from healthier soil.”