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Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen

Apr 09, 2019 11:07PM ● By Nora Mounce
A professionally trained chef with a background in food writing and photography, Stephanie Hua found a tasty niche in the cannabis industry with Mellows, her whimsical line of gourmet, cannabis-infused marshmallows. Stylishly packaged Mellows are a labor of love, with each batch whipped, cut, and decorated by hand in San Francisco. Each infused marshmallow contains a mild 5 milligrams of THC, an “approachable” potency for both the canna-curious and seasoned consumers. (Mellows go down easy, so those who can handle it can eat a few!) After founding the company in 2015, Hua voluntarily catered to low-dose consumers years before California state regulations capped THC at 10 milligrams per serving. Every Mellow flavors include Brown Butter Sage, Strawberry Shortcake, and Black Sesame is designed to bring a small dose of pleasure and style into everyday life.

“With the influx of potential first-timers who are new to edibles, a low-dose option is so important,” says Hua. “We’re here to provide the information and means for people who are canna-curious to dabble, enjoy responsibly, and have a great experience,” she adds.

Hua’s most recent creative project incorporates the savory side of cannabis cuisine with the publication of Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen, published by Chronicle Books in November 2018. With support from Coreen Carroll of the Cannasseur Series and photos by Linda Xiao, the cookbook offers 30 unique, low-dose recipes designed for a wide range of skills and preferences. Opening with a step-by-step guide, Edibles instructs readers on how to make infused coconut oil, butter, and maple syrup, while also explaining the benefits of cannabinoids and how to decarboxylate your bud (a must!). Hua also details the many benefits of ingesting cannabis as a preferred delivery system and gives readers basic tips on calculating dosage.


Flipping through the beautifully styled recipes, the underlying message is inspirational, encouraging, and just a touch sassy: “Let’s make some tasty edibles, and let’s not f#$* up our friends,” and “Think of cannabis as a spice and season with intention,” are a few of Hua’s memorable takeaways.

Focusing on sweet and savory bites, the cookbook is comprised mainly of snacks and appetizers, sprinkled with nostalgic numbers like the mini Cherry Cheesecakes and a sturdy recipe for Duck Meatball Sliders. A stunning Roasted Beet Hummus is the ruby-colored star of beautiful plate of crudités, showcasing the earthy flavor of homemade canna coconut oil. Dressed-up versions of DIY Nutella and Green Eggs & Ham eggy bites will send you running to your kitchen, while more adventurous dishes like Hua’s Black Sesame & Raspberry Cupcakes and Gruyère & Green Garlic Gougères are best saved for special occasions.

As a home cook who has most certainly f#&8’ed up a few friends (more often, myself), I found Hua’s straightforward and stylish cookbook perfect for anyone curious about going green in the kitchen. Take her advice and mine to “start low, and go slow” as you learn to mix and match various potencies of THC and CBD. And until you’re ready to put on an apron, flipping through Edibles makes for an inspiring evening of armchair cooking from the comfort of your living room.