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Boggs Jammin'

Apr 05, 2019 12:02PM ● By Dan McCarthy
Chances are, if you are active on social media, tuned into the MA cannabis culture, or spend enough time around the State House, you have seen or at least been made aware of Rusko “Weed” Boggs.

The 39-year-old former teacher and quality systems analyst for a local medical device company has turned becoming a living meme into memetic gold in these parts. But the road from Rusko to Weed hasn’t been paved in any one direction to get to where he is now.

“I worshiped Wade Boggs growing up, and my buddies and I started mimicking his drinking prowess a few years ago, drinking 64-plus beers every time we drank, three to four times a week,” says Boggs with his trademark Seth Rogen-esque, guttural, braying laugh. “I did a lot of stupid stuff, so one of my buddies told me to slow down and channel some of this energy to weed and put it up on the web.”

Enter one of the first Weed Boggs public persona videos, with the hulking bearded bud bard doing gravity bong hits on a hotel balcony in Puta Cana. The video caught on, and a meme was born. “At first I set up Weed Boggs as a meme page to look at other people’s content, then after I attended the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis in Natick, it helped me figure out how to go public more, as I was afraid to show my face because of my job at the time. Then I talked to HR at my work, who said if I had my medical card, I was all set in terms of public displays, so it took off from there.”

And where “there” is could be called “static excitement”, as Boggs has some big plans in the pipeline.

“I eventually want to get into the social consumption space and create an establishment where people can grow, get high, and hang out in a safe environment,” he says. “Right now, I’m just letting the bigger companies and groups with money and lawyers pave that way for guys like me. Until then, I go to events and exhibit products I’m working on, and I’ve been doing some merch and promoting some local events.”

One of those events is a “dab school” for the older segment of the growing cannabis-consuming population around the Bay State. And yes, there will be a PowerPoint presentation. “The older crowds need to understand what the community was dabbing and working with concentrates 10 years ago is not what we’re dealing with today,” says the dab master. “It’s much better quality, and I’m trying to show them how far the scene has come by showing them hot knives and the stuff like that that they’d never see in today’s market, the difference between shatter, diamonds, hash rosin, things like that. Then I’m going to show them the tools while heady boys show them what to do. Basically, showing retirees how to dab and why.”

In addition to his weed work, Boggs is a notable professional Santa, getting done up like the jolly fat man for “rich people’s house parties” and corporate events. But for now, Boggs fills the surrounding months leading lectures, pulling pro-cannabis stunts, promoting his 420-milligram Boggs Bah edibles (“I don’t want to have to eat four chocolate bars to get the milligrams I need in a day, so I made one big strong one,” he says), and working his way towards his goals of setting up a social consumption spot while educating others on weed, and working to embolden a locals-first cannabis space at a time when he feels like the war is quickly being lost to community bickering.

“Five years from now, hopefully I have a lounge and will be helping to keep craft weed alive in MA,” he says. “There’s a lot of infighting in the grey market, and its unnecessary. The local market needs to come together to monitor the out-of-state entities trying to plant a flag here, and with all the infighting, that’s not going to happen.”