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Practical Positivity: Happiness Apps for a Happier Life

Mar 31, 2019 06:03PM ● By Dawn Garcia
Happier (HAPPIER.COM/APP) is a free mobile app geared toward instilling gratitude, kindness, and happiness. Finding joy in the daily grind can be daunting, so the Happier App helps you practice gratitude skills that encourage optimism, quality sleep, creativity, productivity, and minimized stress. According to’s website, over 11,000 studies have proven a little gratitude goes a long way. “Focusing on small positive moments that are part of our every day has been scientifically proven to improve how we feel,” co-founder and CEO Nataly Kogan states. Happier gets you well on your way to doing precisely that.
Available on iPhone, tablets, and computers.

Superbetter (SUPERBETTER.COM) is a free mobile app and game developed by Jane McGonigal to improve personal resilience to the things in life that test our motivation, emotional strength, optimism, and focus. You are tasked with fi ghting the bad guys and engaging in fun activities which can be as simple as chugging a glass of water or playing human tag during which you are presented with an epic adventure, challenged to be the hero in your own life. To formulate your specific game, you choose from a list of things that keep you from living your best life, including losing weight, depression, stress, chronic pain, working out (lack of motivation), quality of sleep, life transitions, and more. Through a series of quests, you defeat the bad guys, activate power-ups, and inevitably remove the obstacles standing in your way. Proven to change your mood and disposition, lower stress and depression, and improve your outlook on life in record time, this is a highly effective way to claim your happy and gain back the years that stress costs us all.
Available on all devices, and there is a version designed for the workplace!

Happify (HAPPIFY.COM) is a free mobile app and website designed to give you the tools to understand and manage your emotions, enabling you to work through whatever you’re feeling. Developed by leading scientists and experts, this app is based on countless evidence-based studies about positive psychology, mindfulness, and cognition. The goal is to break the cycle of stress and anxiety to live happier, more balanced lives, improving our emotional well-being by utilizing the resources and daily activities Happify provides. With its measurable system, you can monitor your improvement in real time. Tomer Ben-Kiki, Ofer Leidner, and Andy Parsons, the serial entrepreneurs who developed Happify, use technology to make a difference.
Happify Mobile App + Website | Available on all devices.