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Boston to NYC via Tesla

Mar 29, 2019 07:16PM ● By Dan McCarthy
Any Hub dwellers who travel via car between Boston and New York City know at least two undeniable facts. One: The Merritt Parkway is superior to I-95 in terms of road-trip aesthetic and time-to-destination (provided no one breaks down in Connecticut and screws up everyone else’s plans). And two: It may be a bit more enjoyable as a ride if you didn’t have to drive. And didn’t have to pay the insane Amtrak ticket fees or deal with Logan Airport. And maybe, just maybe, if one could swap it all in place of a (mostly) personal valet vis-a-vis a spiffy new Tesla. Well, there’s an app for that (or rather, a website; the app is coming soon). Meet Bound, the only Boston-New York long-range Uber, if you will. Basically, travelers can reserve one of three seats in a Tesla Model S, or one of four in a Tesla Model X sedan. And yes, there are discounts for people choosing the way way back seat (less leg room). A one-way will run you $79, cars arrive within about 30 mins, and the quiet, all-electric, class-leading design and general Elon Musk fervor will be worth its weight in Fung Wah busses that didn’t break down or catch on fire between here and Gotham.

So, yeah Tesla Uber-ish thing. Nice.