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Women Empowered

Mar 29, 2019 05:07PM ● By Dawn Garcia
Celebrating women of cannabis in the pristine Hollywood Hills, brands, cultivators, financiers, and advocates came together for one exclusive Sensi night. Rock star Chef Millie prepared a feast that included delicious Japanese-inspired, cannabis-infused sushi and sake, and the evening was destined to be one for the books. Ushering in a new era of not just women of industry, but a community of cannabis, the evening brought together innovative and inspirational women with a unified vision: synergy and support.

We started off with an introduction by Dr. Michelle Ross, on site doing a book signing for her recent release, Vitamin Weed, with a strong message of purpose. Ross is a neuroscientist and health coach who has devoted her life to patients with chronic illness. Her goal is to help them live their best lives with the aid of cannabis. The evening then progressed into a wonderful panel hosted by Nichole West, whose story is steeped in circumstances that inevitably led her to stand up for cannabis and a necessary social movement. Fifteen women led three panel discussions, and attendees were given a personal glimpse into the lives of women making a difference in the industry. From learning the woes of legalization and regulation to being a source of good for our youth, these women banded together to educate, inspire, and create a new community to raise one another up.

Sensi is proud to support so many incredibly strong, mindful women working to further the industry and to be a voice in a sea of stigmatic change. Sensi Connect was comprised of Andrea Drummer, Ariel Clark, Chef Millie, Delaney Mason, Dr. Dina, Gina Marie (XoCal), Jazmin Aguiar, Joan Irvine, Kate Scott, Dr. Lakisha Jenkins, Mary Patton, Pam Epstein Esquire, Roberta Koz, Sheila Gibson Esquire, and myself. As we learned about branding, packaging, and the tricky catwalk of legislative change, together we became more educated and motivated to find value in each other.

We’re striving to change the conversation about cannabis, its benefits, and how essential it is to a society drowning in stress, and this evening was a welcome reminder that in cannabis, women can rise together and be instrumental in shifting an age-old mindset. Together we are strong, instrumental, and, more importantly, heard. A special thanks to the men and brands who showed up to support the women of this industry.