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Sensi Magazine April 2019 - Southern Colorado Digital Edition

Mar 28, 2019 02:08PM ● By Amber Orvik


A short list of some of the reasons to celebrate this month—on 4/20 and beyond. I wanted to list 42 of them but only had room for half, because there’s a whole lot to celebrate in this edition. So let’s get started: 

1. Allll music, with so many concerts taking place all over this season. 

2. That includes the third-annual Tmrw Tday Culture Fest in Negril, Jamaica, kicking off April 30. Sensi’s managing editor Dan McCarthy outta Boston will be there. Follow @SENSIMAGAZINE on Insta for that tropical travel inspo. 

3. The munchies and 4/20 celebrations giving us excuses to eat allll the food. 

4. The mere fact that cannabis is legal here. 

5. The fact that we know we still need to protest—and have the right to do so. 

6. The sense of community coming together that’s so palpable this time of year. 

7. All month long, national press outlets will cover cannabis in all its glory—and most of the stories will be positive, exemplifying what we like to call the New Normal. 

8. That leads to more and more people coming out of the cannabis closet. 

9. Including revered bastions of high society, such as the Emily Post Institute. The mere existence of Higher Etiquette by Lizzie Post is a stunning milestone in this march into the mainstream. 

10. Yoga With a View coming down from the hills and into town for a cannabis-paired, yoga-fueled brunch feast at an art gallery on 4/20 itself. 

11. All the fun events on the regional calendar this month. 

12. Maven Clinic: basic healthcare access for women, by women, online, on demand, and affordable. 

13. Sensi’s new better paper quality, which debuted a few issues ago and still makes me feel all warm and tingly whenever I pick up a magazine. 

14. Earth Day. 

15. CBD, explained, in this issue. We try to keep it simple. 

16. THC. The elevating effects are always worth celebrating. 

17. Sensi’s third anniversary party, taking place at EXDO Event Center on April 17. Come hang. We’re fun. 

18. Other Sensi-sponsored celebrations happening coast to coast, all month long. 

19. Pot in Pans by Sensi contributing editor Robyn Griggs Lawrence is out this month. I’ve read it, you should, too. You can pick up a copy from Robyn herself at said anniversary party. 

20. Sensi’s nominations in both the Las Vegas Cannabis Awards and the New England Cannabis Awards. We’re honored. 

21. You. You’re pretty awesome. Thanks for reading. 


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