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New Hotels, New Mindset

Mar 28, 2019 02:23PM
Southern California consists of just under 20 million residents, making up almost half the state’s population, according to the most recent US Census data, and while domestic travel to California continues to grow, that means a whole lot of people here are looking for an escape.

As travelers and residents become savvier by the minute, the search for innovative new hotels is ongoing. Luckily, Californians and those who love to come here have three new hotels that offer more than gorgeous design. These hotels encourage guests to let go, unwind, and embrace a new mindset. In downtown Los Angeles, two new hotel concepts are bringing luxury, elegance, modernism, and a much-needed sense of relaxation. That is also echoed in a new hotel concept at a historic site in San Diego.

Hoxton Hotel, Los Angeles //
Once upon a time in Los Angeles, Broadway lights flittered on the streets of downtown, bringing with it the charm of Hollywood and the cool of New York. Thus the Hoxton came to be. With the influence of mid-century modern, bright lights, and the allure of discretion, the 10-story, 174 room hotel overlooks the contrast of neon signs, art, time, and the once-thriving railway.

What’s most impressive about the Hoxton is its approach to hospitality, evident in something as simple as the room names: Snug, Cosy, Roomy, and Biggy. The hotel strips away the snobbery that can sometimes come with luxury hotels, and immediately, with a simple approach to naming its rooms, eludes to a playful and whimsical stay. That said, the adorably named rooms are nothing short of luxurious. From bespoke timber cedar floors to Zellige Morroccan-tiled bathrooms and accents of brass and copper, custom furniture, thought-provoking art, and minimalism, the décor makes it easy to settle in.

When you get hungry, head to the lobby bar and restaurant toot suite and get ready to indulge in a bar program that will excite your palate. For some fresh air, head to the rooftop and take advantage of the understated yet timeless designed pool. The city views from the top will whet your appetite for exploration, so when you’ve swam, drank, and rested, go explore the plentiful restaurant and bar scene downtown. To ooze cool while you sip on cocktails in the swanky bar, visit THEHOXTON.COM/CALIFORNIA/DOWNTOWN-LA.

The Guild Hotel, San Diego //
Known for luxury, Alvin Monsour’s Oram Hotels and Azul Hospitality will debut the latest addition to its Marriott Tribute portfolio, The Guild San Diego, early this year. Located in the historic Army Navy YMCA landmark building, this 162-room hotel’s evocative boutique design has the exquisite detail and precision Mansour is known for. The Guild’s vision is to bring luxury and leisure to the San Diego landscape while incorporating contemporary, sleek design elements and staying true to the renaissance this building established in the 1920s.

The building, celebrating 95 years as a San Diego fixture, takes you back to a time of ornate fashion, with an energy and vibrance that lends to the overall aesthetic. It’s a true old world meets new tale of architecture, innovation, design, and appeal. “The YMCA building has always been a jewel in the middle of a long-overlooked part of the city, and I knew it had the potential to become something unique from the start,” said Mansour. “Downtown San Diego has so much to offer, not only to tourists, but locals alike, and we are committed to creating something new, unexpected, and authentic to the city we call home and its evolving cultural imprint.”

The eight-floor hotel features rooms varying in size, amenities, an al fresco restaurant, a lobby and bar, a grand ballroom with sweeping views, a private penthouse, a garden courtyard, and creative spaces intended for events and gatherings. The original façade and grand staircase will be left untouched for guests to marvel at. It’s a wonderful boutique-style space that honors the past while welcoming the present with eye-catching décor, nuanced art, and design that embodies creativity and imagination. To do your best Rita Hayworth pose on the staircase, visit THEGUILDHOTEL.COM.

Edition Hotel, West Hollywood //
It’s nearly impossible not to find yourself enthralled in the design-and-art-worthy galleries, restaurants, and bars in West Hollywood. With a thriving LGBTQ community, West Hollywood also happens to be the hub for some of LA’s most posh places to rest your head, grab a bite, sip in some of the city’s best mixology, or dance until your feet beg you to stop. This province of LA is beautiful, cultured, and full of life, and the Edition Hotel adds to the breathtaking aesthetics. Scheduled to open early this year, the Edition Hotel sits on the hillside where WeHo meets Beverly Hills.

Serving as both a hotel and private residence, this property, with 190 guest rooms and suites and 20 luxury residences, is a beautiful addition to our city meant to indulge your most luxurious whims. It offers a six-room spa, high-end restaurant, cool and sexy basement club, elegant rooftop pool, and top-of-the-line lobby lounge. The design is reminiscent of the sophisticated cool LA is known for, with all the modern fixings and visual cues that appease your need for refinement. In other words, e very Slim Aaron photo you’ve ever admired will seem true-to-life when you’re there. To sleep like a boss, buy a residence, or dive in the pool, visit EDITIONHOTELS.COM/WEHO.