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Soft to the Touch

Mar 18, 2019 06:42PM ● By Debbie Hall
A good massage can work out those kinks, including tightness, tenderness, and stiffness. Add THC and/or CBD, and the great feeling becomes indescribable. Mohave Massage and Wellness specializes in the right touch with added cannabis benefits for in-home massages.

Owner and massage therapist Lena Kaddoura researched how creams, oils, and balms with and without additional ingredients interact with the body.

“I work with my clients to learn what is best for their well-being. I have discovered that a combination of THC and CBD is the most effective, but it is up to the person,” Kaddoura says. “I use between a 1:4 to a 1:10 ratio, and that makes a big difference. THC opens up the system when combined with CBD.”

Kaddoura relates to her clients because she has struggled with anxiety and depression since she was 18. She switched between using prescribed medication and cannabis until she made the decision to go off her meds in 2006. As a healthy alternative, massage combined with THC and CBD has helped many of her clients.