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West Coast Cannabis Tours: Oil me up, San Diego

Mar 15, 2019 09:30PM
West Coast Cannabis Tours (WCCT) is one of Southern California’s more extensive cannabis tours, offering a range of culinary experiences, art workshops, mind and body courses, and tours of dispensaries and grow operations that take you through the cultivation process. Now the company has launched its latest addition to cannabis living, and this time it’s all about keeping you relaxed and happy: CBD mobile massages in San Diego.

More and more is being written about the extensive benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). Beyond implementing it into foods and beverages for a healthier lifestyle, , CBD oil can be a miraculous perk to youth, longevity, pain relief, and the look and feel of your skin when added to lotions, topicals, and skincare.

According to WCCT, “CBD has all the benefits of cannabis without the THC. When you use CBD massage oil during a service, you get a cornucopia of pain management and stress-relieving benefits. It’s especially good for people who have a difficult time winding down and relaxing enough to enjoy a massage.”

The certified massage therapists at WCCT offer in-home, in-office, or even in-hotel massages for individuals and couples, ensuring every client is comfortable and relaxed. Bringing the massage to you keeps you in your happy place. 

“CBD oil works similarly to regular massage oil,” WCCT adds. “It helps to lubricate the skin, so your therapist’s hands don’t drag or chafe your dermis. The oil can work on the surface but it also gets absorbed into your fat cells, muscles and bloodstream making it even more effective than traditional massage oil. CBD oil targets over 50 molecular pathways, changing the way your body’s endocannabinoid system receives signals.”

Providing sensory stimulation, CBD massage will almost immediately improve your mood, give you a much calmer sense of self, and promote total relaxation.

A Home-Town Rubdown
You can give yourself an at-home CBD massage, but be cautious around your delicate parts. Test a bit of oil on your skin to avoid any allergic reactions. CBD oil is also great to apply before a yoga class or workout. When rubbed into sore, tired muscles, the oil loosens you up for a more relaxing workout.