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C'est Magnifique

Mar 14, 2019 06:54PM ● By Debbie Hall
Las Vegas proudly displays progression with the Joie de Vivre mural in the 18b Arts District on the corner of Colorado Avenue and Main Street. French graffiti artist PWOZ created his first work in Vegas to celebrate being a Rastaman while expressing his deepest desires. His work depicts an inviting dance party jamming with a multicultural group, with vibrant colors symbolizing the color palette of humans. His attention to detail brings out passion and emotion.

Originally from the French Indies, PWOZ moved to France and became a noted graffiti artist in the early ’90s. “I consider myself a contemporary Sumerian searching for the perfect pictogram,” he says. “Caught in a never-ending quest, I believe perfection exists in multiplicity. To create and to do it again, to imagine endlessly until the result is achieved, such is the ultimate vocation of the human kind.”