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Whisked AWAY

Mar 12, 2019 02:05PM ● By Dan McCarthy
When we heard there was a new cannabis charter boat service looking to shake up the South Shore’s fledging cannabis scene, we decided to reach out to the team behind it and get a sense of what the New Bedford business has up its sleeve in terms of big fun, social justice, and equity inclusion by way of cool weed boat experiences. Below, five questions with Ericca Kennedy, half of the husband-wife team behind the forthcoming Whisk & Jane.

Give me a sense of your background. Are you local? Have you been working in cannabis previously, either legal or grey/black market?

We are majority female owned, we are majority black owned, we are social justice and equity inclusion advocates (UCGA), and we are here to sprinkle our magic all over the marijuana industry. We have begun to lay the foundation for our businesses in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and we are excited to expand our premier brands across the commonwealth. We look forward to continuing to build a team that sees our overall vision, but, as individuals have the fortitude to present their unique path to help our companies get there.

We believe all of the best, most knowledgeable cannabis businesses got their start and garnered their expertise/experience in the grey/black market.

What gave you the idea for Whisk and Jane (or is it Whisk & JANE)?

Daydreaming like sisters often do, the name Whisk & JANE came a few years ago in my Nana’s living room while my sister and I were chatting about my husband and I finding a way to combine our passions. The Whisk comes from our passion to cook, JANE is the initials for our family (Justin, Aliana, Noah, Ericca) and just so happened to be a term for cannabis (admittedly another passion of ours). The timing wasn’t right a few years ago, but, when the state CCC [Cannabis Control Commission] created the Economic Empowerment program we knew it was our opportunity to untuck that really great name and burst onto the scene with our ideas to bring inclusion, empowerment, and equity to the cannabis industry by way of some kick-ass products, out-of-this-world dank dining, and unexpected elevated experiences.

How do you plan to deal with the town, permitting, and other hurdles facing your idea? Are there special issues you have to account for given the water/boat element?

The conceptual design we have shared is to show the potential of our new coastal cannabis market and our innovative way to integrate into the marine industry it is not an exact representation of our vessel(s).

Whisk & JANE has worked with the City of New Bedford since July 26, 2018. We plan to tackle any hurdles that face our coastal cannabis concierge service the same way we have faced every other roadblock: head on.

Businesses downtown are doing everything they can to generate consistent business, from game nights to big-name cover bands, and Whisk & JANE can directly impact increasing their traffic while supporting small shops, galleries, hotels, and local restaurants in our community (in addition to creating livable wage positions and prioritizing the use of local vendors for contractual needs).

We have submitted our plans to successfully integrate into the working waterfront and become an equitable and inclusive marine industry. To bring our coastal cannabis charters to life, we will also take into consideration the laws of the sea. Whisk & JANE must stay within 3 knots off the coast of New Bedford to not enter federal waters. We must hire a professional captain. We must have insurance. Our vessel must be able to sustain winds over 25 miles per hour and waves of over 1 foot  as we will go into the open harbor. For the safety of our guests, we will guarantee that our vessel is Coast Guard-compliant and refrains from being unreasonably top heavy (to prevent capsizing).

How are you going to be working with cannabis on the boat? Will there be sponsors for concentrates/flower/edibles/etc? Or is it BYOC?

The vessel will be BYOC. Down the road we hope to work with businesses directly and indirectly related to cannabis on sponsorships for our charter vessels.

What do you hope for in terms of the experience customers will have?

Charters will run six days a week (closed Mondays) with the exception of major holidays. All charters will begin at Whisk & JANE’s proposed premier coastal concierge facility to be located at 161 Popes Island.