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Sensi Magazine March 2019 - Las Vegas Digital Edition

Feb 28, 2019 05:40AM ● By Amber Orvik


If you live in Southern Nevada, you know it is spring when flowers start blooming in the desert surrounded by red clay and rocky terrains. We have a unique climate in Las Vegas because we only have to tolerate one week of genuine cold weather and one week of rain. Even then, the sun is always shining (very few gray, overcast days), and temps remain in the 60’s in the daytime. We love springtime for dining al fresco, sitting by a heated pool, and enjoying the most perfect weather. 

It is also a time of renewal and new beginnings. Spring cleaning is not only for changing physical surroundings but can also be for shedding old ideas and embracing new ways. The recent passage of the Farm Bill legalizing hemp on a federal level is one big step towards embracing the new normal. The industry continues to grow, even with its challenges, as more embrace cannabis’ healing powers and other uses. 

Voices are being heard with diverse opinions, points of view, and a desire to communicate. Diversity colors the cannabis landscape as those involved bring their individuality to the table. A new sense of hope has arrived despite the continuing chaos in Washington, DC, as people decide now is the time to move forward. 

Fun fits the season with bright colors, fruity wines, and classic menu items with a lighter touch. The great outdoors beckons with sunny days and crisp nights underneath a clear sky. New restaurants, upscale shops, and funky bars are opening to new patrons who are ready to experience and explore. Festivals continue to bring the crowds, and with the announcement of new residencies such as Cardi B, Vegas is indeed one of the coolest places to live and visit. 

While embracing a pro-cannabis stance, Sensi is part of the mainstream and reaches out with a collective goal to be part of creating a better Southern Nevada to live, work, and play. Thank you for selecting and reading Sensi, either in print or digitally. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you, our readers. 

Yours in the new normal, 


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