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Sensi Magazine March 2019 - Emerald Triangle Digital Edition

Feb 28, 2019 05:30AM ● By Amber Orvik


So many types of people call the Emerald Triangle home: farmers, fishermen, hippies, artists, lumberjacks, libertarians, grandmothers, and children. The famously forested region is the native home to over a dozen culturally distinct Indigenous tribes including the Yurok, the country’s largest federally recognized tribe. Since “pioneers” first arrived in droves in the 1850s, the region’s history has been shaped by violence, hardship, and the resource-extractive economies of mining, timber, fishing, and cannabis cultivation. The measurable degree of fortitude required to call the Emerald Triangle home has engendered the region’s independent spirit and DIY ethos. After traveling through rugged country for hours upon hours from the nearest city, the rewards of life in Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity counties are truly priceless. Growing your own food and self-employment are metrics of success; walking along an empty beach or beneath the ancient redwoods is part of daily life. The allure of the Emerald Triangle’s secret paradise is unalterable—a fable rooted in reality. 

While the legalization of recreational cannabis has brought unprecedented change to the region’s economy—and slowly, our culture—the Emerald Triangle’s world-famous cannabis industry is now a shareable experience. The illicit history of the black market (which persists today) has always stirred up intrigue, but legalization has unwittingly emerged as the platform to both raise environmental standards and share stories once kept under lock and key. It’s an exciting time to take a peak “behind the redwood curtain” of the Emerald Triangle and get to know our people and our place. 

I am honored to announce my role as the Managing Editor of Sensi Emerald Triangle. A Northern California native, I have lived in Eureka for nearly seven years and written countless stories about our artists, makers, festivals, culture, and characters. I am thrilled at the opportunity to share the diverse voices and perspectives from across our beautiful counties with national audiences. 

We hope you enjoy. And look out for the April Issue—we have so much more to share! 


Click on the image below to read the MARCH 2019 issue of Sensi Magazine — Emerald Triangle Edition