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Sensi Magazine

Sensi Magazine March 2019 - Los Angeles Digital Edition

Feb 28, 2019 05:11AM ● By Amber Orvik


Leaves budding, remnants of snow-capped mountains, the promise of spring peeking just around the winter corner—that’s the joy of March. This month is all about spring awakenings, collaboration, easing stress, and learning the art of the cannabis industry. 

This month we learn about the extraordinary ways hemp is being used for sophisticated clothing, lingerie, and accessory lines and as an actionable tool in halting fast fashion. We talk to designers with a mindfulness critical to the industry’s evolution. We learn about a family man whose family legacy of cannabis reads more like a Hollywood screenplay that includes smuggling, raids, and more—creating a brand with a primary vision of staying true to the purity of the plant and give back to the community. A famed New York mixologist gives you a hydroponic recipe for a killer cocktail. You’ll learn about job etiquette, co-op spaces that encompass all your senses; and you’ll get the lowdown on events happening from LA to San Diego that will have you in a state of creative ecstasy. 

This issue is a page-turner, for sure, and as you thumb through the pages, I hope you are enveloped by a true sense of community. While this industry is often referred to as the Wild West—and sometimes it definitely feels like it—it’s also catapulted into an industry of respect, education, and ingenuity. Men and women are joining forces to turn cannabis, once thought to be taboo, into a resource for a higher quality of life. That is evident in the ongoing collaborations, eco-conscious growing practices, pro-cannabis legislation, and open dialogue happening in government and public sectors. In other words, unlike the 1920s, cannabis prohibitionists have learned from history, and they are taking the right steps toward a world full of promise and progress. 

Here’s to change, community, and living boldly. 



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