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Willpower: Resolve to Keep Trying

Feb 08, 2019 01:07PM ● By Advisory Board
By Will Carr, Founder of Willpower

It’s now 2019, and with the start of a New Year, comes the time for New Year’s Resolutions. At the beginning of every year all around the world, people make resolutions with the idea to improve their life.

We say, “It’s a New Year, and it’s time for a new me.” We commit to start doing this, to stop doing that, and to do even more of something else. The sad truth of the situation, however, is that the majority of our New Year’s resolutions won’t last through January.

Ask yourself why we do this. Why do we continue to leverage the New Year as a time to motivate us to change something in our lives when we rarely keep those commitments?

It comes down to our perception and expectations. When we are motivated by external factors rather than a sincere fi re and drive within us, permanent and real change isn’t likely. We must also understand that progress takes time. We live in a culture where we expect everything now.

In a world where we have to do nothing more than give a simple voice command to Amazon’s Alexa to have virtually anything delivered to our front door, patience is becoming more of a lost art every day. We start a new diet with the expectation to look in the mirror and notice a difference immediately. We start a new exercise routine with the idea that we’re magically going to be healthier on day one.

In reality, it takes time and consistency and realistic goals based on your lifestyle. If it’s realistic for you to commit to exercise once a week, then make that your goal. Set attainable expectations for yourself. Then go out and crush that workout. Dominate your goal. Achieve what you set out to do, and then look for what is attainable next. When the little goals you accomplish are strung together over the years, they can move mountains.

True change comes when something inside us shifts. When our perception pivots and widens, we see things we were previously blind to. We become aware of our why. Was our motivation to live healthier due to insecurities we have about our outward appearance? Or was it because we genuinely desire our mind and body to feel better and function at a higher level?

New Year’s resolutions are a wonderful thing. They allow us to take time to look inward and reflect on what is important to us. They enable us to give thought and consideration to what changes we need to make and why we need to make them. Whatever your New Year’s resolutions may be for 2019, make sure they are coming from a place of authenticity and a genuine sense of who you are—and where you want to go from here.