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Willpower: Balance is the Key to Success

Feb 08, 2019 01:29AM ● By Advisory Board

By Will Carr, Founder of Willpower 

No matter what you do to stay active, nutrition is an important part of a balanced, healthy life.

As a former professional athlete who no longer competes but still lives an active lifestyle, proper nutrition helps keep me moving and doing the things I love. 

Chasing my two-year-old daughter around the house is sometimes more exercise than any grueling 5 a.m. workout the coaches ever put me through during my career. When I was 20 years old, my post-workout meal was pepperoni pizza and BBQ wings. Unfortunately, that doesn’t quite work as well as it used to.

As we get older, we feel our body more. We feel the aches and pains. There’s a noticeable difference in the way our muscles, joints, and bodies feel when we are putting high-quality nutrition into them compared to when we aren’t providing ourselves the nutrients we need. With proper nutrition, our day becomes easier, our tasks seem less challenging, all because our body has what it needs to recover and perform at its highest level.

Today it can be more confusing than ever to eat right. There are a million solutions marketed for fat loss. Everywhere you look, someone is peddling the newest and greatest solution to a healthier body and life. With all these diet fads and messages consistently being thrown at us, understanding what we truly should be eating and putting into our bodies can be a difficult maze to navigate. Fortunately, eating healthy isn’t really all that difficult, if you can strip away all the nonsense, chatter, and distractions.

If we can look past all of the misinformation and focus on what it truly means to be healthy, we realize that there is more to proper nutrition than only what we eat. In my opinion, the most crucial component to a healthy lifestyle is our own happiness. It makes me happy to eat pizza every now and then. Do I eat pizza too often? Probably. But my next meal is a chicken salad with a side of sliced bananas and blueberries. The key to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition is balance.

There are certain junk foods we all like, so don’t restrict yourself from the happiness that comes from what you enjoy. Make sure you’re eating fruits, vegetables, and getting high-quality protein. It is common sense that some foods are healthier for us than others. So do your best to make sure your diet includes the foods and nutrients we all need. Then go out and enjoy your life, without putting too much pressure on yourself.

Next month, we’ll talk about the ways I personally try to incorporate a balanced, healthy diet into my life. When we understand that there is nothing we can never eat and nothing we should always eat, balanced nutrition becomes just one simple component to living a healthy, active, and happy life.