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Sensi Magazine February 2019 - Southern Colorado Digital Edition

Jan 29, 2019 02:41PM ● By Amber Orvik


My editorial career began at a dining magazine— one of those dream-job roles that involved a lot of research/eating at top-rated restaurants manned by some of the world’s best chefs. So I learned early on that the stories of a community, of a culture, of a time and place—those stories can be told through the stories of food, through tales of dining experiences and traditions. Which is why February is our annual food and dining issue. 

Truth time: I look forward to this edition each year with anticipatory glee. Magazine-making tradition says that February issues should be dedicated to romance and love affairs and pulsate with sexual innuendos, and at first glance, it may seem like having an all-things-edible issue flies in the face of that tradition. But it’s quite the opposite. 

This issue is dedicated to our universal love for food. (Just please don’t call yourself a foodie. We all like food, we’re humans, we’re all “foodies.” Using that descriptor is redundant.) The lineup ranges from stories of first-time encounters with THC-infused concoctions to a feature that dives into the history of humans eating hemp. And because it is February, and we do live in the birthplace of legal adult-use cannabis, elsewhere in the issue, you’ll find a high-minded feature on having sex while high minded, written by Sensi Boston editor, Dan McCarthy. 

He’s one of a team of local editors Sensi has manning the editorial side of our now eight monthly publications, published in cities from coast to coast. Look for us in Massachusetts, Colorado, Nevada, and California. This month, we welcome Sensi Emerald Triangle to the lineup—the most O of the OG markets and one we are particularly proud to serve. The area’s long complicated history as the epicenter of the country’s cannabis industry is detailed in the new Murder Mountain series on Netflix, and if you haven’t yet streamed it, queue it up. It’s a binge-worthy, enlightening, and emotional showcase of some passionate people who laid it all on the line for this plant that we love. 

And that’s what February is all about: love. And we love eating. So let’s get to it. Bon appétit. 


Click on the image below to read the FEBRUARY 2019 issue of Sensi Magazine — Southern Colorado Edition