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Sensi Magazine

Sensi Magazine February 2019 - Boston Digital Edition

Jan 29, 2019 02:26PM ● By Amber Orvik


Longtime readers of this magazine during its short lifespan of existence will likely have noticed something consistent running through every issue falling warmly into their waiting paws each month. First, given our scant resources and minimal staff, the editorial model at work here is something of the iterative sort. Or put another way, we don’t follow a particular format to fill the pages so much as we let the events and news and coverage-worthy topics instruct the ways we wow you with meaningful, local cannabis and city culture lifestyle in any given issue. 

And like dipping a found stick in a fast-moving river, all the news and points of interest are constantly in motion all around us. Sometimes it’s stuff like the January news that ExxonMobil had been instructed to turn over a “tankerful” of climate-change documents to the state, all related to not only the corporate giant’s suppression of known evidence of human-made climate change (at its own hands, no less), but to its actual discrediting of the emerging science surfacing on the matter and informing intelligent consent over the years between the 97 percent of the global science community that agrees we are in deep doo-doo. That ExxonMobil tried to argue that Attorney General Maura Healey was exceeding the bounds of state consumer-protection law by demanding to see the documents, local breaking news stalwart reported: “The Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the case lets stand a Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling that Healey had the right to see them.” 

Other times it’s just news about the latest recreational cannabis shops opening, which as of this writing brings us up to close to 10 rec shops opening or being granted the ability for recreational sales across the state, and more coming. And after some negative press back in the late fall when the first shops to open created doomsday headlines for prohibitionists focused on traffic woes, those early headaches are already subsiding and will more and more as access and options for patronage in the legal recreational cannabis game increases through the year. 

For now though, with a sex and relationship themed issue before you, grab your favorite flower or concentrate or edible or vape or sex lube or edible underwear dipped in THC oil (particularly if you have no experience in any of it and are curious about including weed when getting hot and heavy), and check out this month’s issue with casual whimsy. Or whatever kind of whimsy you engage with all the sexy intel on the local and national front where cannabis and city life intersects today. 

Yes, that whimsy can mean self-pleasure. Especially in February. 


Click on the image below to read the FEBRUARY 2019 issue of Sensi Magazine — Boston Edition