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PREMIERE ISSUE! Sensi Magazine February 2019 -Emerald Triangle Digital Edition

Jan 29, 2019 02:02PM ● By Amber Orvik


It is such an honor to write this note for the premiere issue of Sensi Emerald Triangle, no doubt the most significant market in the cannabis industry, and a region where “the new normal”—our magazine’s tagline—is put into practice every day by people who put their lives on the line to help the country progress to where it is today. Emerald Triangle is the epicenter from which it all emerges, and for that, we are all grateful. 

In this magazine, every month we will be telling the stories of a region so rich with history, natural resources and beauty, a sense of community, and significance in the American culture. As the transition from black market to legal industry continues to progress, so too do the lifestyles of the people who call the region home. We want to tell the stories of those people. 

It is with humble love that we bring Sensi to the Emerald Triangle—where our team, led by the warrior-in-chief Lelenhia Dubois, has been working tirelessly for quite some time to launch—to spread the new-normal message that Sensi is founded upon throughout the region. 

We are rooted in cannabis culture; our name is partly derived from the term sensimilla. It also is a nod to the warrior spirit that those veterans in this community, ravaged by the ill-fated war on drugs, have had to suffer. This noble fight is so ingrained in the culture of this region—a culture we plan to honor on these pages. 

And because at our heart, we are a lifestyle magazine, we will focus on telling stories from the full spectrum of local culture: arts, design, dining, history, people, adventure, travel, and more. We will strive to show the full spectrum of the region’s beautiful, multifaceted lifestyle in all its glory. 

For this premiere issue, we opted for the age-old route of ingratiating ourselves with you, the reader, through the stomach, with what will become our annual food and dining edition. While focusing on the budding wine region in the area may seem like an unusual choice, it was a natural one. The entrepreneurs leading this viticulture charge are your neighbors, working day in and out to elevate the wine region to a destination of its own accord, and showcasing the breadth of the land’s bounty. There’s just so much to love. 

We hope this issue is the feast for your eyes that helps earn Sensi a place in your heart—or at least a piece. We are honored to be a part of the magic that permeates the region. Thank you for welcoming Sensi to the magical place you are lucky to call home. We will work tirelessly to continue to earn your trust, to tell the stories of your community, and to continue to grow (with your support). 

I welcome any feedback on our inaugural issue, and look forward to many more. 

With humble appreciation, 


Click on the image below to read the FEBRUARY 2019 issue of Sensi Magazine — Emerald Triangle PREMIERE Edition