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Cultural Radar

Jan 25, 2019 09:34PM ● By Stephanie Wilson
Where: The Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka

When: Feb. 2 to Mar. 17

What: Come see what your neighbors are passionate about. A new exhibit compiled by the Humboldt Arts Council celebrates the “art of collecting,” showing off unusual and interesting collections compiled by people in the community. The weird, the wonderful, the wacky: it’s all on display, with a focus on art and definitely-not-art items of all types. The exhibit is inspired by the museum’s role as a collecting institution, and seeks to answer the question: what does your collection say about you, about your community? And why do you do it?

Kim A. Herzinger, English professor, Pushcart Prize-winning author, and collector, sees the practice as primarily a personal passion, no matter the medium being acquired. “Collecting, like most passions, has the capacity to let the collector live in another world for a while. The collector is experiencing a kind of sensory transcendence that we most closely associate with religion and love.