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Willpower: It's About Balance

Jan 17, 2019 01:27AM ● By Advisory Board

By Will Carr, Founder of Willpower

Last month we talked about how balance within our diet is key to living a life healthy, active, and happy. In a healthy diet, there is no such thing as never eat this and always eat that. Our nutrition should work into the life-style we want to live, not dictate the way we have to live.

For me, a balanced diet starts at the grocery store. I know the food I put in my cart, I will eat. I also know whatever food I don’t put in my cart, I won’t eat. So I buy organic fruits and vegetables. I buy high quality proteins to cook for myself at home. I get nuts and trail mix for when I’m on the go or hiking. I’ll usually also get a frozen pizza and a bag of sour cream and onion chips. If I eat the chips here and there throughout the week or all in one sitting, either is ok, because I won’t have anymore until I go to the grocery store again.

That’s called balance. As we live busy lives, eating food at home isn’t always feasible. So how do we maintain this healthy, balanced diet when we’re on the move? It’s really no different. When eating out, I choose places that source higher quality, natural ingredients, if I can. I pay attention to what I’m eating throughout the day. If I eat junk food for lunch, I’ll eat healthier options for dinner. Don’t stress about it, just do the best you can. Stress is defi nitely not healthy, so avoid it when possible. I try to look at my nutrition on a weekly basis. Did I eat healthy overall for the week? One or two days a week of eating foods that aren’t the healthiest, doesn’t mean we ar-en’t eating a healthy and balanced diet. A balanced and healthy diet is about fi nding what works for you. We’re all different.

We come in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of likes and interests. Why would we expect that to be any different when it comes to our diets and what we should eat? There is no one size fi ts all approach to healthy nutrition. You may not like the same kind of chips as I do, but you know what you enjoy, so go fi nd what works for you within your life. Next month, we’ll talk about New Year’s Resolutions and how to set realistic fi tness goals you can achieve and actually maintain. We put way too much pressure on ourselves to eat perfectly, when there is no such thing. What we eat shouldn’t have to be a stressful topic. It shouldn’t have to be diffi cult to live a life healthy, active, and happy. Find a diet that matches your lifestyle and you will have found a key to true happiness.